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Slight Edge Discipline Can Make YOU Successful! (Rhonda McNett )

Well, I've been at it again (still!) - you know me: reading! And, yet again, I want to share what I think is one of the best books I've ever read on success, happiness, fulfillment - you name it and it's here! Why do I do this? It's interesting! We always have some goals we are striving for and always looking for the short-cut - it's in our culture! Thus, the get-thin-quick diet; the quick-fix exercise program; the path to the Fountain of Youth...

In my case, professionally, it's in ways to help you, my dear clients and friends, realize your goals of organization and productivity. Then, you're able to realize a more stress-free and peaceful existence. Wahoo!

The gist of "The Slight Edge," by Jeff Olson, is that by making small changes, bit by bit, you can accomplish your dreams and without as much angst and tension as jumping in full-footed might cause. So, think of it like this, my organizing buddies:

1. We've talked about getting from Point A to Point B without a road map - and you know that doesn't work, right? So, a plan of action, a starting point is crucial - a vision of what you are aiming for. Slight adjustments along the way keep you on track to get to the stated goal, no matter how many side-streets you may encounter along the way.

2. Keep trudging along, step by step, with just enough momentum to keep you heading toward your goal, your Point B, whether it's for your career, finances, personal relationships or your junk drawer! Baby steps may not be particularly romantic, but they beat a marathon that you probably won't ever finish. How about the story of the tortoise and the hare, eh?

3. Being busy and being productive are not the same thing, agreed? So, even if you can only give your desired project, your desired vision 15 minutes of active attention each day, by the end of the week, you've given over two hours of almost invisible labor and effort to it! You've already started changing your previous 'bad' habits into more productive, efficient and effective ones. Huge pat on the back here!

4. How about keeping a list of your "Dones!" and not just your "To Do's?" Don't we all love to cross things off, even to the point of adding them to a list just so we can do that? Caught you!

5. What's another little mantra that I'm always yammering about? Reward, reward, reward! I was glad to read that Jeff Olson also agrees with using the "power of celebration." Acknowledge that your slight-edge changes, all your baby steps are truly getting you to that desired Point B, where your vision is showing you so clearly what you are aiming for.

Being an admittedly slow reader (no matter how many adaptations I've tried!). it usually takes me a bit to get through a book - avid reader or not! I'm happy to say, though, that this book is very easy to read and equally entertaining, as well as helpful while being non-judgmental - love that!

Try "The Slight Edge" on for size and let me know what you think. I'm hoping you'll be able to pull out several items that absolutely ring true for you on your organizational or time-management journey!

Here's to all the baby steps and still making it to the finish line!!&id=9361278