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What Path Are You On: Greatness or Mediocrity?

Difference Between Greatness & Mediocrity

The difference in perception that separates greatness from mediocrity can affect the way a person views their mistakes and outlook. This differs from a person who strives for greatness that realizes that making a mistake is foreseeable, and are more concerned with correcting said mistake rather than harping on it. Another difference is a person who settles for mediocrity makes excuses for everything in their life that doesn't go to plan. They will make excuses like "It's too hard, I don't have enough time, I don't have the resources, and I need more time". These examples paint a picture why some many of us prevent our chances of reaching greatness. Often times we impede our own greatness by thinking and believing negative thoughts that inevitable makes us settle for mediocrity. In the past I have struggled with these same concerns that I have to settle for mediocrity. Until I realized that I can to be great and if I put my mind, energy and effort I can to be considered great.

Truth About Greatness

An underlying myth about greatness is it is something that is complex, esoteric or a God-like feature that only the special humans can ever reach. This declaration often discourages people who have dreams, aspirations or just want to be great in life. The truth is greatness truly does exist in all of us the difference is if you tap into your greatness or settle for mediocrity. For example, people ask me question constantly like "how did you become a writer when you don't have professional training in writing, how did you get people to actually read what you wrote, how did you know that you could be a writer when you had never written anything outside of school"? I answer all these questions with a very simple answer I worked relentless on my craft day and night. When everyone else is sleeping, eating or relaxing I will be working trying to improve my craft. I also changed my thinking from "I don't know or I can't to "I can, I will and nothing is going to stop me". Even though I wouldn't consider myself great by any stretch of the imagination I'm working every day to make that a reality.

Truth About Mediocrity

Truth about mediocrity is that it is truly a choice, decision or result of our own actions. Choosing to be mediocre usually is the easier, less stress and convenient route. Deciding to be mediocre can cause a lot regret, pain and anguish later on in life. We have all met people that say "I wish I could go back and do things differently, I just want one more chance to follow my passion". Being mediocre is usually a choice made out fear of the unknown. Not knowing is a fear that many of us have and struggle with so making a bold chose to be great in a mediocre society can be quite never-racking.

Final Thoughts

In my experience and research our mindset is about 90% responsible for our success and that just 10% depends on the way the cookie crumbles. In all likely-hood you'll likely be successful if you truly put in the work and have a positive mindset through the process. The road to being great is certainly a process. If you blame your problems and failures whether major, minor, personal or professional, on other people, circumstances beyond your control, or just plain bad luck, you may be destined to fail. How much of your success would you say is up to you-your choices, your actions, your behaviors-versus outside conditions? Comment below & if you liked this post please share!