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Entering the Conscious Moment

We operate our life in our conscious mind. This is where we think and perceive the world around us. Consciousness is what allows us to experience our perceptions and conceptions. Now, think of your mind as an empty bowl. Consciousness enters that bowl and fills it up to be a conscious moment. When we share this with someone, there is an experience of simple love. We do not remain in this state because that bowl has leaks, where our consciousness goes to the past or the future.

The conscious moment is when you are totally present in the 'now.' There are many ways our consciousness leaves the now. We can have attachments, suppressed desires, conditioned habits and unexpressed emotions. It is a powerful experience to share this moment with another person. A committed relationship is not based only on agreements or decisions; it begins with a conscious moment and naturally grows from there.

Committed relationships are not limited to romance. They can be between friends, working partners or even within yourself in relationship to God. What weakens commitment is when your consciousness leaks out from the moment or you lose contact with the experience of sharing this. It is easy to fall into a conceptual relationship: That relationship would have a limited commitment and a limited quality of experience. Religious fanatics or people in storybook relationships may believe their relationship has a strong commitment, but their commitment is really to their mind.

Here is a simple 4 step process for entering the moment:

1. Realize that you can have a conscious moment and be willing to enter it.
2. Get away from the idea, 'I can't do it.'
3. Take a breath that is free from your thoughts; imagine breathing into silence
4. Relax and a complete breath takes you into the moment

If you practice this for about 5 minutes before you go to sleep and upon awakening for at least 10 days, this will become a habit. Then when you are in a loving moment or a deep communication with God or your lover, that moment is there for you without you even having to think about it.

To live a complete life, you have to live in a conscious moment. You could feel disappointed in your life if you have problems with your health, wealth or family, but you can feel fortunate to sometimes have conscious moments. If you could have any benefit from health, wealth or a conscious moment, if you choose to be totally present, everything would improve. In health, being conscious connects you to the Wisdom of the Body without the conditioning that limits your health. In the pursuit of wealth, being conscious creatively solves problems and improves your performance.

When meditating in a conscious moment, thoughts may bubble up. When you embrace those thoughts, you may leave it, but you leave with a heart full of simple love. You can tend to share that love or get involved with some action that expresses it but when those actions are done, you need to hunger for it to return. You need to develop a habit that recognizes you left that moment, so when those sharing or serving are done, that hunger brings you back.

Leaving that moment is a natural thing to do, but that was what sharing your heart and serving others was created for. It is easy to develop your ego, when those actions are done, but the entrance to that moment is small and humbled, so when ego is inflated, it is hard to enter the conscious moment. Nothing you have accomplished or acquired is greater than that, so being humble and surrendered allows entering that precious moment one of life's greatest gifts.

Remember when the bowl that contains consciousness is full without any leaks, you are in a conscious moment. Here is an important question; why live your life with a partially filled bowl?