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Where The Greatest Of All Results Comes From

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali said and meant that he was the greatest. Well, the results we make start with that thought even if we do temporarily fail at times, and ultimately succeed. Success is created really, not born. Luck and good fortune at first are usually born, but genuine success genuinely takes skill and temporary experiment, seeming failure, and much understanding from those two things called temporary experiment and seeming failure.

It always has to start somewhere, originates with us and we always have a chance if we genuinely look for it and seek it. Our genuine achievements are the natural order of things when we really want them.

The greatest thing in existence then is certainty of understanding and repeatable success. To genuinely quit and say "impossible" is genuine failure.

We cannot wait for the world and existence to change toward us, we must do what we need and want to do to get our results. Every dollar we will really ever earn, rich or poor comes from our efforts and our initiative. I did not say "given", but I did say and mean "earned".

One of the positive leadership secrets of Julius Caesar: He once came to an island he conquered with his army by boats. He took all of the equipment and flags off the boats, burned the boats and said something to the effect of "we win or we die and perish". The army of Julius Caesar won big against a bigger army, because they had more to fight for.

I suggest if you really want something, you or anyone should burn all bridges, ships or ways out to genuinely win ultimately. Let the reality of rational risk galvanize you. Win or die should be the mentality if you really want something anyhow. Without that "killer instinct", you are a loser even if you "win by luck" or "lose permanently without a fight". After all, a few hundred years after that island conquering Julius Caesar did, and in the twilight of the Roman Empire, and during the early rise of Christianity, martyrs like Saint Stephen and Saint Simon the Zealot when asked the question doing their own bridge, ship and escape burning so they would do nothing but the right thing to make them succeed with the causes they wanted and needed to put forth, said and meant something to the effect of "Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, render unto Christ what belongs to the Christ."

The greatest of all results comes from that courage to take action and fully succeed without compromise.