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3 Simple Strategies For Massive Goal-Setting Success That Works Like Magic

The ability to set goals the correct way constitutes an essential skill that can make or break your personal and professional success in life. The manner in which you do so will determine the speed in which you can achieve your goals, or whether or not you can achieve them in the first place.

So if you often find yourself setting goals, but not achieving them at all, this article is for you. Here are 3 strategies that I use to massively improve my goal-setting success, to quadruple the rate of achievement of my desires in half the time.

Strategy #1: Write down your goals

Yes, you got it right! The first step to any goal-setting endeavor is to first write down your goals. It seems like a common sense and obvious thing to do. Unfortunately, many of us have the intention to achieve something (e.g. lose weight, get a promotion, earn more money) but did not crystallize it by writing it down. Your goal will thus merely exist as a thought, an intention, or a dream, and that is why they never become a reality!

Therefore, the first step in any goal-setting endeavor is to always first write down your goals. By doing so, you create the first action toward your desires, and transform your thought into a commitment that becomes more real to you.

Strategy #2: Revisit your goals every day

After writing your goals, it is useless if you only revisit your goal at the end of the year, and realized you have not achieved anything at all! Therefore, it is vital that you revisit your goals every single day. Write your goals on a piece of paper, look at it at least once every morning, and ask yourself what would you do today to bring you one step closer to your goals.

By revisiting your goals consistently, you can re-align your day towards the key objectives you will very much want to achieve.

Strategy #3: Announce your goals

The third strategy you can adopt is to simply announce your goals. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the goals you will want to achieve. Studies have shown that if you announce your goals, the probability of backing out on these goals decreases tremendously.

In addition, trusted friends and colleagues who are supportive of your endeavors can point you to valuable resources, advice and people who can help you achieve your goals in record time! They can also hold you accountable to your goals, further ensuring that you achieve your goals despite the excuses you might use to give up on your goals.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable in announcing their goals to the supportive people around them. So get over the discomfort and start announcing them.


The three simple strategies presented in this article are relevant and applicable. You can use it immediately during your next goal-setting exercise. Apply these strategies the next time you set goals, and watch the magic unfold.