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Message From the Universe: Stay Busy My Friends!

 "If you were to ask me, I'd probably say that the number one cause of loneliness in time and space is not a lack of friends, but a lack of keeping busy.

I'd even go so far as to say that nine out of ten times the solution to every crisis, challenge, or problem - in relationships, careers, or otherwise - is to get busy.

Because when you get busy, you allow me to slide whatever you most need - be it material, spiritual, or a new friend; answers, ideas, or comfort - right under your big ol' nose.

The Universe" 
When people have too much time in their hands, they do stupid things. By keeping busy, you occupy your mind to find solutions to every rising problems. Your mind stays busy, and by staying busy, it opens new doors that will allow it to pursue other dreams which will render spectacular results. More you keep busy, less time you have to twirl your thumbs. It all goes with time management. You can be busy doing nothing productive, like 80% of Americans at work. You can also work little time but work smart. It's not really about the quantity here, but mostly the quality. More you use creative approaches to change the dynamic of your schedule, more positive changes occur. When you do the same things over and over again and expect different results, you might need to go visit an asylum after work. Some of the things you do might require tweaking a little bit and you need to embrace these changes so you can work on looking for new alternatives that will help you perform the task efficiently. Do not fear that the new approach might not render great results because of trying it for the first time. This is how you learn new things. If it doesn't work, try something else until it does.

The same principle goes for everything else in your life, either it be professional, relationship or otherwise. Busier you get, less time you have to think about the problems you have in your relationship. Some people bury themselves in work to forget the issues they are facing. I am not saying to run away from your relationship problems, but I recommend to focus on the things that you can somewhat control. When in a relationship, two different minds are involved, which you can ONLY control one of them. So when facing an argument, you can decide to stay calm and collected while your significant other may decide a different approach to use during the conflict, which might not be the one you expected them to use. This, in return, creates more negative emotions because of potential disappointments that occurred during that given interaction. Staying busy will allow you to focus on the things you can personally fix and provide you with plenty of time to think about how to handle your significant other at a later date. Also, when staying busy, you work towards a goal that the Universe pays particular attention to, and reformulate your plan so it can be optimized. So when you face changes, don't feel bad about it and just look forward to its outcome. I am sure it will surprise you in a great way, to say the least.!&id=9425800