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Most Know What It Takes To Be a Success, But Just Won't Do It

I've been contacted by many, many people over the years. Most ask me to tell them the one thing they need to do or need to think about in order to become successful. Now I don't specifically know what's gotten into these people. Each January I can understand that maybe it's the annual New Year's resolution thing rearing its head, but the rest of the year it baffles me.

The fact is that there isn't one single magic bullet that will turn someone who doesn't really earn much from their efforts and then transform them into someone who is a prolific money-making success. The reality is there are a number of things that have to work together in a synergistic way that will help tremendously in getting on the royal road to prosperity and success.

Of course, we've all heard about the necessary success components needed to make it all happen: having the right mindset, dreaming big, mixing and associating with the right people, learning and studying, taking action, being persistent, focus, concentration, immunity to criticism, all of that, and much, much more. Now the thing is, we all already know all of that; we know what it takes to become successful and financially well-off, so there really isn't a missing piece of the puzzle. And frankly, I know some people are really disappointed when I say to them that:

"You know in your heart-of-hearts what it takes to become successful; you're just unwilling to do what you know."

You see, most people I meet feel that there's something out there that's being hidden from them, that somehow everybody else knows about this hidden secret to wealth and prosperity and it's been kept from them. Sadly, most people will still continue to believe this myth for years and years and still hunt out this missing piece.

Let me give you a few examples of what I'm talking about here:

A number of friends have told me they've wanted to get much fitter and healthier for a long time now, but they just can't seem to get to the levels of fitness they want. Now however we look at this, there isn't anything missing here, is there? I mean, there are different exercise programmes and various exercise equipment and apparatus one can use at home. There are gyms, personal trainers, fitness coaches, DVDs, nutrition plans and programmes, you name it - there's nothing secret about it. There isn't any missing information here.

In a similar way, there are people who honestly believe that they're missing a huge piece of information when it comes to making a really good online living. They honestly believe that someone is hoarding a valuable hidden piece that's part of the online money-making equation.

The fact is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people making tremendous online fortunes. And, most likely each and every single one of them have documented exactly how they've done it from start to finish - whether they've shown it via eBooks, seminars, DVDs, personal coaching or mentoring, training packages, whatever. There are no secrets! Their formulas are all laid out in the open.

Amazingly, many have asked me if there is something more to it than what I teach via my information products, seminars, workshops, membership site, etc. Again, they honestly think I'm holding something back and that they've not got the full story, that there's a golden nugget, a silver bullet I'm keeping all to myself.

The truth is I've given up trying to convince those deeply stubborn and disbelieving people who refuse to act on the message that they have all they need to know about being successful in anything they choose to be. Trying to influence and educate someone who isn't open to possibilities, who isn't coachable, who doesn't want to change the very nature of their own thoughts about things: all of that is a thankless and fruitless exercise.

Nothing comes out of it except an inordinate waste of life's number one resource - time.

If after reading this you have realised that you've not been fully honest, that you've not been playing full-out, that you've not got where you've said you've wanted to get to, whether in your business or personal life, then the refreshing news is that you have all you need to make a marvellous success of anything you want to.

Simply get committed to act on what you already know and you'll truly surprise yourself at the results that begin showing up in your life. That, I can promise you.