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Three Tips to Help You Think More Positively

I know. It's hard sometimes. Trust me, I get it and I'm right there with ya sister! Thinking positively is not always easy. At first it becomes another task. Then once you get a process down pat, the crappy negative thoughts still seem to creep in. But here's the deal. We are part Ego and the negative will always be there. BUT there are ways to effectively handle them and move through a more "thoughtful" (pun intended) thought process. Because at the end of the day, it is our thoughts that are creating our reality and if we want to live a better life, we have to think better - we must change our minds consciously. Change your thinking and change your life. It's inevitable.

There are three specific mental exercises that I use when I need help thinking positively.

1. When a negative thought comes to mind, I picture a huge metal slab moving through my mind pushing everything in its path out of my consciousness. From left to right, I can see the slab bulldozing the thoughts right out of my mind.

2. Another way is to shout at the thought mentally, "OUT!" Then see the thought flee away. This is Louise Hay's preferred method of changing thoughts from negative to positive. (Louise Hay is the founder of Hay House Publishing; an international leader in Spiritual and Personal Development literature.)

3. Lastly, as soon as I become aware of my negative thoughts I simply and consciously change my point of focus on to something else. I choose a positive thought and start thinking about it, leaving the negative story in the dust. Usually the new thought is the opposite or an improved made up version of what I was just thinking, or it's something completely different that I am in the process of manifesting.

TIP: Combine the last method (#3) with the first two methods.

Even when I am at my most balanced (mind, body, soul) those negative thoughts creep in. BUT I will say that they don't stick around as long. They come in my mind, are caught quickly, and are simply dismissed using one or more of these methods.

What do you do when those pesky negative thoughts creep in?

Do you have any mental tricks up your sleeve?

How often are you consciously catching yourself thinking negatively, and then switching your thoughts to something more positive?

I can't wait to hear what you do!