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Goals Need to Be Checked Against Reality

We need to check our goals to make sure they line up with reality. Goals should not be easy to reach with little effort. Goals should require you to grow a little bit, stretch yourself and force you to hone your skills if you're going to accomplish them. What goal shouldn't do is to make you be something you can't be or make you into someone you can't be.

The typical example of this is that it's not realistic to expect a 50-year-old man who is 70 pounds overweight to be signed for a pro basketball team and make the team and starting next season. You can see all the things wrong with that can't you? No amount of visualizing or thinking good thoughts to attract that outcome will work.

Sure, 50-year-old men play basketball, but have you ever heard of one go from their couch one Spring to starting for the Pistons the following Fall?

The problem comes when we don't recognize other goals that are just like that. Take that same 50-year-old man. He doesn't walk regularly, much less run. Exercise is limited to trips to the bathroom and going upstairs and downstairs at his home. He's not going to run a marathon next week. He might walk one. Over several days. With lots of breaks. If he's lucky.

Do 50-year-old men run marathons? Absolutely. Did any of them do it a week after they decided they wanted to?

What about if that same man wants to start his own business? He's got no experience in anything besides his IT job, but he knows there's a lot of money to be made in Internet Marketing. He signs up for a few free email courses from gurus who all convince him that he can make six figures next month when he launches his first product.

Do people legitimately build online businesses making six figures? Even in a month? Sure they do. But how many have REALLY done it in 30 days from scratch with no experience going in or a plan?

How likely is he to actually do ANY of these things or the hundreds of other half-cocked plans people come up with because they have no idea if it's truly possible at all, much less in the time frame they want to do it?

Right. Not very. This is true for all of us. We can make all the plans we want, set all the goals we want and read them every morning and every night with conviction. But without researching what it takes to achieve that goal, you might as well be making a wish and throwing a penny in the wishing well. Reality trumps fantasy when it comes to goal setting every time.

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