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Make Time to Smell the Flowers - The Power of a Flower

Making time to notice a beautiful flower is a great way to notice the simple things in life that can impact self-perception or aid in understanding differences in flowers that have different qualities or compare to people with different personalities. I'll bet you,I know what you are thinking? NO, I am not a crossover from the sixties, I enjoy nature and take advantage of what is given by nature. After a long, uneventful or overly loquacious week, I take the time to smell the flowers that let me live in their yards and on their turf. I realize that society can be compared to beautiful flowers. Making time to notice flowers is like taking the time to notice people and the beauty and power that we recognize in ourselves and in everyone else as well.

There are countless wild flowers, cultured or cultivated flowers that abound around city streets, walkways and yards everywhere. That's not even the beginning of what I can say about flowers. They abound and I am happy when that they surround me; to say that they offer fragrant scents, beautiful views and make endearing gifts is simply only the beginning. For generations we have taken flowers for granted and offered them as sacrifices, gifts and have even borrowed them to demonstrate our condolences.

A flower will never fail to present it's healthy beautiful best appearance, especially if it has been well fed, watered or kept in temperatures conducive to its natural environment. We can all learn a lesson from the flowers. Are you satisfied with the type of flower that your life represents?

Flowers are more resilient in their form and appearance than what is perceived at first glance. The same can be said for me and for you. We may sometimes, appear weak or easily upset, though we are resilient and attractive when we smile; are well rested; properly nourished; and in an environment that is conducive to our soul's mission, while living in a healthy environment.

Take the time to smell the flowers;notice new or pleasant, inviting, smells and scents. The time for waiting is over. The time for action is overdue. Take your cue from the flowers in your yard or garden and make your strong work ethic pay dividends for your hard work and input, strive to achieve your lifelong goals, make a plan and follow through.

Flowers never stop trying to be beautiful from the inside out and they always display their personal best assets for the world to enjoy. We are all flowers in different phases of existence. As a flower, you require peace, rest, and an appropriate vase to display your countenance. You decide if you are a beautiful red rose, romantic and expensive to maintain, a yellow rose, friendly, captivating and engaging, or an amazing daffodil, eager to please and learn from mentors or other flowers, the tulip that sings to its own tune, the sunflower, although a loner, very competent and willing to grow with every lesson; excelling amid excessive amounts of heat or competition.

Take the time to smell as many flowers as you can and heed a lesson from the flowers that surround your life. Some flowers, although brighter than others, are all different, unique and part of our environment. Flowers bring beautiful scents, views and when hard work is accomplished can easily blend well,or decorate any home, office, or garden or give its personal best effort as a gift, a sign of hope,or a symbol of sincere sorrow. Symbols of love or strength, much like me and you, only, we can
choose the tone and it's not too late to demonstrate your ability to expand and grow into a strong red rose or dainty daffodil.

If you call me, and I don't answer by the first ring, that's because I am probably outside picking flowers or admiring the scenic view; imagining what type of flower I will emulate for the day! We can all learn a lesson or two from the flowers in our view. Maybe to slow down, or to speed up, it's you who knows your best timing, like the way a flower decides when to blossom or when to relax..

Take the time to notice every flower in your day, whether literally or figuratively, there are a lot of great people and flowers with remarkable attributes and personalities for you to engage!

I enjoy learning from you offering me knowledge continuously!