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It's All A Mistake

Our society has participated in orchestrating a set of intricately woven lies that we have eagerly and wholeheartedly embraced.

As consumers, too quickly do we accept outer appearances as reality. There are those who believe aging is almost always the forerunner to poor health; only the opinions of wealthy people are important; money substance is available in limited quantities and only to a select few; you can receive something other than what you give. Now hear this! Aging is a mistake; money substance is unlimited; and you reap what you sow-not sometimes, but all the time.

Various teachers and prophets have roamed this earth plane to dispel these myths. Mohammed, Buddha, Abraham and even Jesus Christ have all taught varying aspects of these truths with the dominant truth being "you reap what you sow." We always receive what we expect to receive and not what we pray for. Doing whatever it takes to change our thinking, by eliminating all negative thoughts and replacing them with a prosperous knowing, must become a task we commit to every day for the remainder of our life. Whatever we believe will always recreate itself in our human experiences.

Our society's common belief in aging-that getting older is the forerunner of poor health-is a mistake. Poor health, as well as visible outer signs of aging, is simply an out-picturing of our beliefs. If we believe with each birthday we will look older, then we will. If we allow negative thinking and attitudes to persist, we will have poor health. The human body is an amazing machine. The organs function without any conscious prompting by us; both internal and external body parts shed the old cells and replace them with new cells at regular intervals. Because the body is in a state of constant renewal, aging and illnesses are conditions and beliefs that we force into our consciousness.

Financial prosperity is the next most misunderstood concept. Having money has nothing to do with money. Money substance is about what we believe. Holding onto worn-out emotions, worn-out relationships, feelings of envy, jealousy and hatred will block any flow of prosperity. Planting seeds of discontent and malice is sure to yield a garden of poverty and destitution. So here again, watch not only your thoughts but guard your words as if you were protecting the winning lottery ticket.

Spirit is always in charge. By following the examples of our teachers, we will always remain connected to our source of power-God, the good omnipotent. By staying focused on the I AM, illness, poverty and malcontent will be replaced with good health, prosperity and joy. Establishing and maintaining spiritual integrity ensures a life filled with good things. Bid farewell to aging, poverty and unhappiness forever.

Welcome health, wealth, youth and beauty. Dare to live beyond miracles!