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All Is Already Yours, Now Part 1: Intention

Has your zip and commitment come and gone? If you're in a bit of a seasonal funk, you are certainly not alone in your discontent. From global news to our very own personal challenges, many people are less satisfied than they'd like to be and want... something 'more' for themselves and for those around them. Perhaps you feel like you have little control over events or outcomes, or feel somewhat envious of others, or feel isolated, or are constricted by financial fears, or are distracted by the needs of others in your life. Maybe something else that has you feeling less than enthused.

Also, if you are someone who says "I will be happier_(if/when)" then this information is for YOU because you do not know yet that you have the ability to embrace your Best Life, your something 'more' right at this moment.

Consider this:

All you desire is already yours, right now.

1) You would not 'desire' it if it weren't already yours to be had. In other words, you would not have glimpses of language or imagery of these dreams of 'more... ' if they were not meant to be realized in your own life. Your dreams are truly unique to you and therefore, truly attainable.

2) And they are attainable NOW.

You've noticed I don't say 'create' your Best Life. I say 'embrace' it. Because it is ALREADY here, now and not something that is created_ (if / when... )

There are 3 techniques to realize all is already yours:

INTENTION: Clarity about what it is you seek

ACTION: Deliberate steps moving forward

BEST LIFE: Embrace all that is ALREADY YOURS

For this article we will focus on: conveying clear INTENTIONS. What you convey to the Universe is then transferred back to you. Thus, to convey your intentions/desires clearly is helpful to embrace your Best Life.

F.A.S.T. is a technique that can assist you in conveying clear intentions (anything you want 'more' of in your life) by making them real, NOW!. The example I will use is doing work I am 'more' passionate about (but you can use this for almost anything.)

Behave AS IF it has already come to pass by using F.A.S.T. NOW

Feel what it is like in your body to be doing work you are more passionate about. Take a quiet inventory and feel your stomach is excited, your mind is alert, your heart is light, your eyes are noticing, your ears are anticipating learning new things, your shoulder are relaxed, you are smiling...

Act how you would act if you are doing work you are more passionate about. Peruse a store for an item you may need for the new career, write something great about your new job on your calendar...

Speak how you would speak if you are doing work you are more passionate about. Tell a friend you trust all about your new job, as many details as you can share about your first few days doing work you are more passionate about...

Think how you would think if you are doing work you are more passionate about. Tell yourSELF about how terrific you are doing with this new work, how proud you are of what you have accomplished, how fulfilled you feel...

This technique seems simple and it is VERY effective. You will almost immediately feel a shift in your energy and I would love to hear about that!

Your happiness does not need to wait another minute. It is yours to embrace today, in this very moment. It is already yours, right NOW. The fact that you are reading this article is no coincidence. You ARE ready and more importantly, deserving, NOW.,-Now-Part-1:-Intention&id=9370425