Manifestation miracle

Message From the Universe: Limitless Possibilities!

"Often you don't know what you can do until you do it; what you can be until you become it; or what you can have until you have it.

But hey, that never stopped you before!

Arriba, arriba, ├índale, ├índale - 
The Universe"

So why not wanting it all, be it all and can do it all? If your thoughts can dictate and bring these kinds of results, why even considering thinking negative? This is why you have so many great potential out there to be more than they can ever envision their life to be but are not where they are because of their thoughts. So many obstacles they personally create in their mind, so many excuses they give themselves as to why things are not done.Excuses are for losers too scared to accomplish anything they want because it is easier to give excuses than figuring out how to complete the task. Who doesn't want an easy life right? I am sure you do. However, the easy path isn't always the happiest one. By walking it, you lose motivation because nothing is challenging anymore. Nothing gets you to wake up every morning and look forward to tackle life with enthusiasm. You no longer feel you need to achieve anything anymore as everything is given to you. Life ends at this point, maybe not physically speaking, but mentally and spiritually.

However, when you confront fear, hurdles, challenges, difficulties and you figure out ways to finding solutions, your mind keeps active, which in return, gives you the self esteem needed to pursue all your dreams and goals. You no longer are afraid of anything and you do everything in your power to look for more creative ways to grow and prosper. More opportunities open up because of your many qualities and you find more ways to give back to society, because you learned how to pay it forward. Life is all about paying it forward as you are giving back what life gave you in the first place, opportunities. Life chose YOU to create a difference that others do not have the intelligence or capability to do. Because of that, you need to feel extra special knowing how much value life gives you particularly. When you do accomplish all your goals, always remember your roots, and where you came from and how hard you worked to get to where you are today. Never forget that part and always allow yourself to sit for a minute, looking out from your penthouse, and be proud of all your accomplishments.!&id=9426901