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4 Ways to Achieve Your Goals Faster

Goal achieving can take a long time, depending on the goal. Some can be achieved in a short amount of time, while others take longer. For the longer term goals there are still ways you can achieve them faster.


Sometimes we let distractions get in the way of our goals. We have to eliminate the distractions, or at least minimize them. I use a method called Compartmentalization. This means that distractions are set aside until a specific time. When it's time to work on your goals, you do that and only that. It might mean turning off the phone and other electronics. It might mean going somewhere quiet where you can work without being bothered.

The point of laser-like focus is that you're working precisely, accurately, quickly and only on your goals. When your allotted time for goal work is done, you go back to the rest of your day and its distractions.


Teamwork is essential in most goals, because there are few things in life that we can accomplish totally on our own. We might need coaches, technical support, financial backing or administrative help. Each of these areas can be filled by someone on your team. It's important to choose trustworthy and competent people for your team. While teams will always need some oversight, the best teams are ones that understand the goals and can work with less supervision. This frees you to do more rather than replacing those functions with supervising the team.

You also get to practice your leadership skills. You'll also finish tasks faster, since you'll have less to worry and stress about.


Real shortcuts, not workarounds or sloppy work, are invaluable. These aren't quick fixes, but they can help you get the same results for less work. The best way to find shortcuts is to spend a little time researching what others have done to achieve the same or similar goals. Whether it's using the internet or directly calling someone and asking questions, it's better to learn from others' mistakes than your own. Stay connected in a network related to your goals. Join forums, mailing lists and online seminars. Compare multiple resources to each other and your situation for the best solution for you.


Consistency, discipline and dedication always give you better results. To finish faster, extra hours might be needed. It's important to keep stress levels down afterwards. Relax and give yourself time to rest before the next task. Overtime should be well-planned. You can't expect to work effectively if you're still tired. Prepare by coming up with a list of actions steps. Preparation before you begin a marathon session will save you more time than you realize.

You can combine these steps in any combination. The important thing is to not let any single or combination overtake your goal setting process. A balanced approach in effort, time spent and teamwork will be more successful than choosing only one method, like putting extra time only, and sticking with that.

Setting good goals is essential to your success. Everyone thinks they know how to set goals, but sometimes we don't know or remember some things.