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The Harder I Work The Luckier In Good Ways I Am, Or The Nonexistence Of Bad Luck

Strong thought combined with strong emotion attract, not create a cause and effect of "good luck" and strong thought and strong emotion used wrongly attract "bad luck". With that said outright, I will indeed take the rest of this article to explain my position on this reality. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, we are what we think we are all day long. This is definitely real of luck. Luck is a viewpoint really, not an actual "condition". Think about this reality a moment, one person may view a glass half full and another half empty, that is just how luck really is. It is a condition of strong thought, emotion plus viewpoint of good or bad within a situation. Call luck a force field of these things of sort or whatever you want or need to, but luck does not exist as a force "outside of a situation". It is an inside job for good or bad.

When I do my affirmations, prayers and the like and see their effects on my thinking and then my reality, I realize that all I am saying is true, real and accurate about luck.

In a sense, I agree with Thomas Jefferson then, "the harder I work, the luckier I am." Good luck is not hard work though, it is seeing reality differently and interestingly beneficially, and in a realistically benevolent way. Get my point? Bad luck is fruitless hard work, and useless pessimism and irrational fear, though. The gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow is with my concepts of what good luck is, though, for indeed, viewpoint is the key really. When I think of "the jinx", I think of my concepts of bad luck in the worst way, but indeed, they are still controlled by viewpoint. Ultimately, with all objectivity, we all have the same luck, fortune, and reality only we view it in different ways.

Change is not something to force, fear, or "play on". Change is something to view calmly, rationally and realistically for good ultimately. You may or may not agree with that statement, yet, it sounds better at least that the word xenophobia: That is a Latin language word meaning "fear of change" or "fear of others". Good luck and the perception of it, I genuinely understand, does take a certain tolerance factor to really get it. We all love to win, but how smart can we work or will being dumb and fearful be defaulted to?,-Or-The-Nonexistence-Of-Bad-Luck&id=9471322