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Imagine Your Reality

Imagination broke the four-minute mile and the sound barrier. Imagination has taken us to the moon, Pluto, and beyond! Imagination has given us music, art, and dance. Imagination fuels science, medicine, and technology. Imagination gives us our future.

Do you have the energy to imagine your reality? Your future? It takes energy to think outside the box of your life. It takes energy to really live. It takes courage to think outside the box of your life. Curiosity is another factor in imagination, and that takes energy too.

Having an active imagination keeps you open to new ideas which you can explore, expand, and engage in. That process keeps you flexible to outside input, to changes in the idea, and to your reactions to the concept you are playing with. Imagination combined with flexibility creates a dynamic environment where untold and amazing things can happen and be created.

It seems that to keep up with the changes in the world it takes imagination too. How can you appreciate the advancements in everything around you if you can't envision how those things can be utilized in your life.

Oh, the inspiration and resourcefulness it takes to create new things! Leonardo da Vinci may have been the world's most inventive human we've ever seen. He's at least the most celebrated. His curiosity of the world around him and the potential future was astounding! Painter and sculptor; cartographer and writer; scientist of geology, anatomy, botany, and astronomy; architect and engineer; and inventor of items like the parachute, adding machine, solar power, flying machines, and musical instruments.

Maybe you aren't a Leonardo, but you can still use your fantasy and artistry to imagine new ways of doing things, creating new recipes, designing new products, or envisioning new places to go and new experiences to enjoy. Climb out of your rut to see more of the world as it can be for you. Pump up your curiosity for new adventures and realities.

Here's a story of imagination I was involved in. One night several friends were hanging around feeling creative and inspired. We loved batting new ideas around. That night we created Coffee Bombs. We took a Mr. Coffee filter, two tablespoons of coffee, and tied it shut so we could make a cup of coffee when we were camping. It wasn't much later that coffee bags came onto the market - though a slightly more professional version of our Coffee Bombs. How much fun!

Thinking in new ways energizes your nerve pathways and sparks your synapses. Thinking in new and abundant ways creates new pathways in your brain. All that energy and expanded paths helps generate new understandings. From those new understandings come expanded insights into your potential, into human potential. That is so exciting!

What reality do you want? What future can you envision for yourself? Will you take steps to imagine those things? Is it time to build your energy to fuel that imagination, that future, and your reality? It's up to you.

Are you ready?