Manifestation miracle

Message From the Universe: Trusting Yourself Is Crucial

"Having a dream... Courage.

Visualizing your dream... Persistence.

Physically moving towards your dream... Guts.

Letting go of the "cursed hows"... Wisdom.

The look on your friends faces, when they see you on the red carpet... Priceless.

Yeah, that oughta light a fire - 
The Universe"

Sounds like a familiar TV ads with MasterCard right? I guess everything you do or every step you take is getting you closer to reaching your ultimate dream. Having a dream is great, but not knowing how to visualize it can be detrimental to understanding what you are trying to gain with this dream. Let's say you mastered visualization with lots of meditation, it is important to take action and taking the necessary steps to actively reaching your goals. There is, like with anybody else on earth, a little voice inside wondering HOW the hell will this ever be done or achieved. You start questioning yourself, and putting lots of your energy on the negative thoughts instead of the positive ones. You forget that the how's aren't your problems since you've already delegated this task to the Universe. Yes, your read it clearly. The How's isn't your problem, just make sure you continue delegating this task to the force from above. The Universe will abide by your wishes as long as you continue walking on the path to success. Many will think it can't be that easy. Guess what? More you think of it not being easy, and less easy it will get. So why torture yourself this way? What is the point to all that?

WE all know that throughout your journey to success, you will come across family and friends who are very afraid of you succeeding. They will do everything in their power to warn you, to advise you, to share their concern about wasting your time and energy on things that will NEVER happen. They will come up with the worst scenarios as potential failure can happen and you may lose EVERYTHING. OK, let's analyze that one for a second. First, why did you allow them to know anything about what you do for them to give you any advice? Are you waiting for their approval for the things you want to do in your life? Do you need their authorization for creating your own future? So how do they know anything about your dreams or goals? No one should know anything except yourself or the people you know you can trust or mentors who are there not to judge you but to encourage you when wanting to reach your dreams. Stay away from the ones who are afraid of their own shadow. Stay far away from them if you can. They are afraid of doing anything positive in their lives but don't want to be left out when YOU succeed. So by the time you do walk the red carpet, look around and enjoy the success. Be ready to get calls from the so called friends who discouraged you to congratulates for an amazing job. The look in their eyes when they read about you on Fortune 500 magazine... PRICELESS!