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5 Quick Tactics to Get Moving on Achieving Your Goals

Are you stuck? Don't know what to do to give yourself a kick in the pants? Do you even know you're stuck? So many struggle to achieve their goals, because they've lost focus and direction. Below are five tactics to help you get jump-started and back on track to achieve your goals.

Tactic#1. Set Some Short-Term goals.

Some people start with goals that they thought were long-term. They might achieve them quickly, and they realize that their goals were really part of a larger long-term one. We open our eyes sometimes to the possibilities when we get a taste of success.

So, short-term goals are really a great way to jump-start us when we're stuck. We can rack up some quick successes and build some momentum. Short term goals are a great confidence booster, because they prove that we're able to achieve things in life.

Tactic#2. Have a really big WHY.

You have to ask yourself: "Do I really want this goal and will this goal give me a better life?"

You need to know your WHY. Why do I want this? If you can't come up with compelling reasons, it's OK to dump the goal. Answering this ONE question can ignite passion and motivation that you didn't know you had.

Tactic#3. Speak up.

You shouldn't keep your goals to yourself, especially when you're feeling stuck. By telling other people about your goals, you can get support for your goals and you might just feel the extra pressure in a good way. It's one thing to give up if you're the only one who knows it. It's entirely another if a bunch of people know.

Keeping quiet can be bad long-term, because when you need support, your friends and family might not see you as someone capable of achieving those goals. They could easily try to talk you out of your goals. You'll be on your own or worse, working against your naysayers in addition to everything else. Don't make this mistake.

Tactic#4. Write down your goals.

You're probably thinking, "Duh!" But do you already have written goals? Have you always had written goals in your success journey? If so, you're the exception. This is critical and even more important if you've got a lot of complex goals. Write them down and keep reviewing them. Keep your goals fresh in your mind and you'll be more likely to work on them.

Tactic#5. Stay on track and never give up.

Stay focused on what's important. Review your goals and especially your WHY. If you have a big enough WHY and keep that in mind often, you won't give up. You can change your plans. You can adjust to changing situations, but you won't give up.

Don't let discouragement get in the way. Obstacles are just opportunities to make a breakthrough and achieve a short-term goal.