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From the Root to the Forest

Deeply rooted in you is a seed of genius. Every individual on this planet has a passion, skill, and ability that is ingrained in their hearts. The key is to build upon this seed. Consider a forest and how it grows. It starts out as a seed but when water and sunlight are constantly added to it, it starts to grow and bloom. How does that relate to you? When you take that seed of genius and you are consistently working it over and over again, you are exercising and building that greater person, increasing the "superstar-dreamer" within you.

This is an interesting concept to consider as it relates to you and what you do in your life. The forest didn't just get here out of nowhere. Not only that, but it didn't grow and expand in the capacity that it does. What starts as a seed grows in expanse to a forest.

Consider your skills, talents, career, or what have you, look at them and see if they've grown to forest-sized proportions. If not, could you really take a look and consider why it hasn't if it's not where you want it, or if you're not where you want to be. Some people are puzzled at why things aren't measured up to the magnitude that they want it to be.

Looking at our analogy from the story above, we see that there are two things that help in the growth of the forest. One is the water that is poured over the seed. Two, is the sunlight that helps in the growth of the seed. When the seed is properly watered and sunlit it is transformed from small seed to big forest.

What do you think would happen if you experienced a transformation in yourself, or your career? You could move from seed-like results to experience the size of a forest. If you watered your efforts, so to speak, little by little you could see growth in what you were doing.

There is forest potential in you. There is forest potential in what you do. A forest is a large thick GROWTH of trees. This would be amazing to see in your business and career. This would be great in different areas of your life. It would have a major impact on you.

In this year make the effort to move from just obtaining "root" results to making the impression of that of a forest. Allow the "forest" to spread over and have an effect on others and affect them for the greater good. Take it all the way from the root to the forest.