Manifestation miracle

The Thought That Resonates

Vibration. The most powerful force there is. It seems to work like magic, but it is not. It is what we with our free will create from the ground up through our actions upon reality. Like something being built, our vibrations create what we are and what we do. Sure, we can say something like "it just happened to be" or "there is not any explanation", but we would be lying to ourselves so fully that we would not know anything that is going on in any way unless we do admit that it all does come down to vibration.

Sure, that is blunt reality, but what else does matter in any way? Nothing else does. I remember Paramahansa Yogananda and his quote: "Every human wish finds ultimate fulfillment." I see what he meant now, and the way he meant it: I think he should have said that every genuine vibration from the ground up meets ultimate fulfillment. Actions from a deep place are always somehow fulfilled. Have you ever noticed that? Only the shallowest actions are like the low tide of the ocean, doing nothing but making a little temporarily wet sand on the beach that dries normally. In thought, every genuinely energetic from the inside person is a strong vibration like positive tsunami waves that blow across a beach powerfully and memorably. Real power is controlling your vibrations fully without let up or fear of what others think.

Although Abraham Lincoln was a politician, he had one valuable quote: "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." He was right about that. The power is always in the reality though. With thought and concentrated action on that thought, all things are possible. We are as happy and honest as we make up our minds to be really. The virtue of life is in living and not avoiding it. So many live by what others think and think that they are living when they find they skipped what they really wanted in life. The love of life makes you vibrate strongly to what you genuinely and really want and need. In fact, I can honestly say that is the real championship of it all, that genuine, permanent happiness that works for you. Not some outer trophy, or even an ultimate win on the outside, but to borrow the Dr. Bert Mandelbaum, M.D. book title for a moment: The Win Within. So, I end with a couple of questions: How do you live your life? Are you an inner driven person or an outer driven person? Do not answer me, answer yourself.