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Is Rational Thinking Keeping You Stuck?

Most of us live life using rational thinking. We gather the facts and act accordingly. But do you realize that the facts are usually based on what has happened in the past by others that have used rational thinking?

When you think rationally, you are keeping yourself from being open to other possibilities. Now don't get me wrong, I know that rational thinking is appropriate when it comes to the sun revolving around the earth and when you drop an egg it will go crashing to the ground and break. We are talking about something different here and it comes from a place of faith (and not in a religious sense).

You see, we have all been raised by adults that simply "packed our bags for us" meaning, what they said is pretty much what we have grown up believing. This is partly how those false beliefs came to be and how we now have limitations in our life. Remember the old saying, "you have to work hard to get what you want" or "there is no such thing as a free lunch"? It is hogwash!

This has become our rational thinking. It is what keeps us stuck and does not allow us to be open to unlimited possibilities. Why can't there be a free lunch without any strings attached? A perfect example of this is one evening when my family and I were out to dinner minding our own business. A waiter came over to us and let us knows that our bill had been taken care of by someone at the restaurant. He wouldn't let us know who it was as they wanted to remain anonymous. No strings attached! Just a free dinner for our family of 6. It was not a cheap bill and they could have paid for a party of 2 for someone else that day, but somehow, we were the lucky recipients of the meal!

My fiancé and I knew this was one of those miracles or little blessings in life but one of our daughters kicked into rational thinking and tried to make sense of it. She was offended. She thought, do we look poor or desperate? Is this a scam and are we on hidden camera to be tricked? No, and we were not having to do something in return. She had such a hard time accepting that "anything is possible!".

Rational thinking closes us off to wonderful things happening in our lives. We think we don't have the right qualifications to get a job, the right connections to build a successful business, or the right looks to attract some "hottie" that we have our eye on.

I am calling you out right now and telling you to let go of the kind of thinking that can (and will) keep you from having the things that you want. If you take nothing else from this writing, remember this: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Start expecting the unexpected and let The Universe / God / Source bring you things that you never thought could happen.

You want that vacation in Hawaii but can't afford it? Anything is possible! You never know how things can come to fruition and as long as you are stuck in rational thinking you are filling in the grid and not allowing something bigger to fill in the gaps. Be open to what could come to you. If you have your eye on a job but don't feel qualified enough, you may come in contact with the right person that knows your work ethics and experience and refers you for that exact job. Keep an open mind.

I have a friend that needed a car for her son and it was not in her budget. Then, one day and out of the blue, a friend in another State called her and told her she wanted to get rid of the car of her late husband and offered to GIVE it to her. No strings attached!

In another instance I wanted to sign my daughter up for gymnastics a couple of years ago but didn't have the resources. Out of the blue, my parents called and asked me to sign her up and they would pay for it. I had never even mentioned anything about this to them.

So, it is time to step away from the rational thinking and open yourself up to a whole new set of possibilities! All you have to do is believe that it can happen.

Here are four tips to help you let go of the rational thinking:

1. Trust - Know there is a power greater than you that wants you to have all that you desire

2. Write down what you DO want - Make a list of whatever it is that you desire. Don't try to figure out how you will get there, just write the end result. If it's money you need, don't limit to thinking it has to come from your job.

3. Stop trying to figure things out - Let go of the control and surrender to the fact that if you truly believe you can have it, you will get it. You have been given permission to hand over the driver's seat and enjoy the ride.

4. Be Open-minded - Be open to everyone and everything that comes your way, allowing yourself to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests. Keeping an open mind is one of the most difficult things to practice. You need to be unprejudiced, without stubbornness and be flexible at all times.