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Releasing Tension and Negativity

Different faces, different places but the exact same experience. Ever felt that way? Of course you have. We all did at one point one way or another when we had no prior knowledge how to think with deliberate intent. We often react by what we observe. We not only react, we trigger off negative emotions almost instantly whenever something unpleasant is thrown our way. That's because your train of thoughts creates your current conditions. Because you are what you think about. The only way to change that experience is to decide you want to change your pattern of thoughts.

This is the perfect time to learn how to release the stress, built-up tensions and of course, the destructive negativity that more often than not revolves around "big" and heavy subjects like family, friends, work and even romance. Working our mental state of being (emotions and feelings) alongside meditation will allow you to recognize negative thoughts that cross your way and sharpen your ability to snap back in control to stop reacting.

But rather, learn to stop for a minute, pause and observe with a solution-oriented mindset intending not to ignore, but to meet ourselves halfway to find a way "out" of the situation and work it to our best advantage. Instead of having it work against us, regardless of the current conditions that are most probably less than ideal in that moment. It paves a way and frees us from producing a negative emotion instantaneously but leaves a larger "leeway" for a good buffer of time to contemplate and solve. Eventually, it will just feel like a bump in the road every time you hit a curb.

At the early stages when the anger comes fast and hard, it is also the best time to practice recognizing your emotions and be extra aware of how it physically caused you "pain" in that very moment just feeling all that anger rushing through. Does it hit you hard face down in the chest with a hard thump, or you find yourself clenching your fist so tight you almost broke your knuckle bones?

You can then start to put what you have learned to test and take really deep exaggerated breaths and see how fast and quickly you are able to release that large amounts of tension just deliberate thinking (switching to the best possible thought you can pull out of your thinking box) and also match that breathing with the release of your "pain" you have felt initially. You may feel your chest slowly releasing its tight grip on your heart and you must remember how it felt initially in order for you to know how quickly you are able to release it the next time round.

Self-awareness is practiced too and we always sweep it under the rug and treat it as a "fleeting moment" but negative feelings linger around for a long time if you don't "deal with it" there and then. Over time, if you stack these "overdue negative emotions" long enough it causes permanent damage not only to your mind but it also becomes detrimental to your physical body with all these "pent-up" issues unresolved.

Don't be afraid to face it in that moment when it comes, because the quicker you recognize it, the faster you will learn how to snap out of it when it happens again. You also leave more room for positive light to flow into your experience. You don't "clog up your pipes" with negativity. Awareness of happy emotions comes so easy because it feels good to experience it but awareness of negativity is essential and serves as stepping stones to sift and sort out the clutter during you meditative processes. If you "tolerate" pain and unpleasant emotions for too long, you become numbed to it and that is definitely not a good thing.

You will block yourself from experiencing positive emotions to its fullest heightened potential. You need to be able to recognize negative emotions so that it becomes crystal clear-cut which belongs to their rightful category and it comes as second nature to you, when you are choosing your thoughts while meditating. You will be "addicted" to feeling good basking with the best feeling thoughts and experiences and you will never ever look back or settle for less to leave room for extra negativity in life from this moment forward when you have attained a practiced mind that knows better.

Releasing Tension and Negativity