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Be Determined!

Hi there,

Many times in my life have called for me to be determined.

Can you think of a time or situation when you had to be determined in your own life?

I'd love to hear your answers to this in the comment section.

For myself I think it seemed like I was born determined, I say that because I was born 2 months premature, breech and only weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces 28 years ago, I also had a heart defect (a whole in it) and was jaundiced, and yet even as that small underweight baby DETERMINATION was the driving force that has enabled me to be here today writing to you about it and sharing my experience.

Other observed examples of determination is for example a runner on the track who injures themselves mid race, yet still continues to finish the race despite his or her injury, through the pain and struggle and all. (Please search on YouTube for the iconic and inspirational video of the athlete "Derek Redmond") who with the help and support of his father and a cheering crowd, that has to be one of the most beautiful videos and where determination was embodied.

Another question I'd like to ask is each day how do YOU think you can apply Determination to whatever it is YOU are going through?

Many have found (including myself in much recent times)that when we make a conscious effort and proactively insert determination to a situation as dire as it may seem, we start to notice a shift in the dynamics of energies and on our grasp of control and power we can feel in the midst of whatever it is that called us to action and pick up the receiver of determination.

All of us aspire to be "HAPPY." happiness and "NIRVANA" are our chase all the time, in order to get to this destination we must have the inner resolve to be DETERMINED first. This road of determination is often bypassed and diverted En route, we forget sometimes that this actually and important & vital path we must take first. Why? & How?


(1) When we decide we want to be HAPPY, do something that seems undoable etc, we have to have a resolve that we won't allow obstacles, negative thinking and energies our own or others' stop us from the decision we have made..

(2) We also need to remain focused, because our focus sometimes in our busy lives can be taken off our goals that we set, we can get side-tracked with all the distractions that life can bring and throw at us, again DETERMINATION should be the key ingredient that helps get us back on track.

So, with all that said, can we agree that when we are determined this is something positive for us, that if applied DAILY can add to life rather than take it away? And help us to beat the odds?

I'd like to close this article with an affirmation that has helped me more and more recently, and I think that will help you. Please say it with me (Can be said as many times in your day to yourself or out loud)

"Today I will hold the intention to be determined, I know that all that I want to achieve is within my power to do so, and at the end of this day, I will be proud of all that I have done."!&id=9464252