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Message From the Universe: Learn to Be Grateful and Appreciate Everything You Already Have

"From an endless sea of wistful souls who've waited out eternity, it's now your turn, in time and space. And there are simply no words that can express just how uniquely special this privilege is.

Nor how fleeting.

Zip-pity zip, 
The Universe"

Consciousness remains despite leaving your physical body. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that our consciousness remains until we are sent out to another mission, or probably just finishing the one that the previous us wasn't able to accomplish. If we come back to a new body with a clean slate, our consciousness is rebooted and a new operating system is installed. We start a new life without any recollection of the past. So what happens when people start remembering, not just a distant memory that happened in your existing life, but remembering what our previous soul have encountered in its lifetime. Some people have the "Deja vu" flashback to places they have NEVER been in their entire life, but yet, remember events and locations very precisely, as if they were there. Some might think it as being spooky because these events occurred in a very far past, when this person wasn't even born yet. The individual experiencing these deja vu moments is certain about seeing or experiencing an event, either it being positive or negative. These moments come with detailed explanation of events, time, location and even details of feelings regarding these events. They are persistent about being there when it happened, when in reality, couldn't make sense if you do the math about time and space.

These are moments where you shouldn't look for an explanation or try to find reasons why this person discussing the event is losing his or her mind. Events of that sort happen every day to people, but they choose to keep low key for the exact reason mentioned above, where people would think they are losing their mind. They believe it is real but avoid attention so they don't pay a visit to their local asylum. Near Death experiences, Out of body, and Deja-vu moments are when the subconscious mind is wired a certain way where it can allow things to happen to certain people and not others. Are these people gifted a certain way when experiencing these moments? In the case of near death experiences, does heaven think the person deserves another chance to complete their mission and feel that it is important for them to stay on earth and get it done properly? No matter what the reasons, we need to learn not to question the reason as to why things are done a certain way, why others live a very long life and others die so young. How can a toddler facing illnesses or accidentally succumbing to death to early in life can be accepted by their family or surroundings? How can that be right? What have this little toddler do to deserve such a short life on earth? We understand that death is imminent, and there is no ways around it. We need to learn to accept it and just live our lives like it's the last day we have on earth, because it is how uncertain life is all about. No one knows their expiry date, or a date where we will be the power from above and plea for forgiveness for everything we have done during our stay on earth. The final judgement will be based on how you behaved on this earth, and how much good you have done to help others be the best they can be. When you do your morning routine, where you wake up and be grateful for everything you already have, make sure to add a small prayer asking the Universe and the power from above to allow you to be happy, not rich but happy. Regardless of being rich or poor, if you are happy, either coming your way will impact your existing feeling. No matter what, you will still be happy and content with your existence. Focus on requesting happiness over wealth. If you were meant to be wealthy, it will happen because of your attitude of being happy regardless of your financial status. When you stop caring about your pursuit of wealth, you will start caring about your current existence and everything else that comes with it.