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Message From the Universe: Appearances Can Be Deceiving!

"Do you want to know what the single toughest thing about figuring out time and space is? About finally making progress by leaps and bounds? The one thing that would heal every broken heart and vanquish every emotional pain? That would clear the way for infinite abundance, perfect health, and unlimited happiness?

Not relying on appearances.

Just stop it.

You so can, 
The Universe"

Appearances can be deceiving, so avoid basing all your upcoming decisions on these factors. If you want to trust someone, trust yourself. You are the only one who can make changes, especially changes from within. Don't expect the outside world to do anything for you, because no one really cares. Everyone have their own problems to deal with. So if you want abundance, perfect health and ultimate happiness, make sure you do everything in your power to obtain it. Starting with having the right thoughts is a requirement to making all this work well but never forget to put in the action behind these thoughts. If you eat fast food, do not expect to have the perfect health, which will ultimately stop you from being happy because of how you look, which inadvertently will hinder on your desire to have abundance in your life because of your physical condition. Everything in life is interrelated, so don't expect to do one thing and it not having a direct impact on your life further down the road. You reap what you sow, so just make sure that you come out of it a winner. There is no mystery in life, even though it seems like nothing is really straightforward like you would wish it was. It is not because you will work very hard that you will see positive results from your efforts. Sometimes, it can work against you but you shouldn't let that bring you down. In some cases, the route that you took when working very hard wasn't the optimal one and something else is needed to make it a success.

When you hear about someone reaching ultimate wealth, you look at it as being an overnight success. This is how it appears to you, but as you and I know well, overnight for you means something totally different for that successful person. I am sure that you are not ignorant to a point where you think that overnight is possible. Even with incredible and desirable luck, you can't really accomplish this kind of ultimate success in less than 5 to 7 years. Lots get put into the required work and time and sacrifices to make all of what you see happen or exist. That is why so many just give up, regardless of the potential of their idea. Many will not even try because they are too afraid to fail, hence, if I don't try, there is NO chance I will ever fail, so the fear goes away. For others, when they see that the going gets tough, they feel the journey isn't for them, so they just go back to doing what is safe. And for the rest of the 3% of the population who do cross that uncomfortable zone, that journey of insurmountable obstacles, the stress and anxiety, the loneliness, the constant fear looming over their mind on a daily basis, their success is well deserved when they lead the other 97% who decided to give up. So you say overnight success? I digress. Go out there and look for that overnight success entrepreneur and ask them questions about their path to success. You will not be surprised of their answers.!&id=9466289