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Message From the Universe: Be Open Minded!

"Sometimes, finally seeing things from someone else's perspective can totally change your life.

Which, sometimes, explains exactly why they're there.

The Universe"

We can't always be set in our ways, all of the time. We get sometimes stuck on a process and find it difficult to get out of it. Since we've been working on this problem for a while, we seem to not see the solution that might be right in front of us. We get consumed by the issue and are not looking at the right places. It is important to allow someone else that is not involved in your venture to look at the issue with a fresh pair of eyes, which in return, can allow them to find a solution, yet, very obvious to you, but hard to see. Because of our implication on the project, obvious solutions aren't that easy to find, especially when we are not looking at the right places. Let the right people offer a hand and you might be surprised on how quick they can resolve your existing issue. Their aptitude is not always a requirement to find a specific kind of solution, because common sense gets involved in the process, regardless of the amount of knowledge you may have on the subject at hand.

When involving others, especially mentors, you may have a fresh perspective on what alternative plan could be available to resolve the existing issue. Being open minded to allowing others to help you find the solution doesn't show a sign of weakness or stupidity, but provides you with a better insights as to what can be the best probable solution to your existing challenge. Admitting your limitations is a sign of respect to yourself, that it is OK not to know EVERYTHING. You are allowed to be weak in certain areas of your life, and this is why others are around you to help you get past these problematic scenarios. You are not the ONLY human on Earth with weaknesses and always remember to avoid, at all costs, to compare these weaknesses with someone else's strength. Nothing good will ever come out of it.!&id=9499138