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Message From the Universe: Love Your Life, NO MATTER WHAT!

"Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone's just on their way home.

That you're all truly the best of friends.

And that this whole crazy thing kind of started as a dare... to see who might love the deepest, no matter how lost the others became.

Gosh, how you're missed - 
The Universe"

Do not let life bring you down and keep you there permanently. You are better than that. Sometimes, you will face situations where you will ask yourself, "how the hell will I get out of that"?. Your fears kick in and you allow this illusion take over and control your feelings of desperation and get yourself deeper into this abyss. Instead of letting this negative path take over your life, step back for a minute and analyze the situation. See how and why did it happen. Was it because of your ignorance or your laziness? Were your thoughts involved that brought this challenge upon you? Was it because of your malicious intent to hurt someone else? No matter what the reasons are, you just can't ignore or turn away from your existing problem. Focus on what is ahead, and look for the best solution that will fit you. Most importantly, LEARN from it. Yes, learn from this hell so you avoid making the same mistakes. Now, if all this happened because you were a victim of circumstances, then I would still say: "Learn from it", so you can avoid putting yourself in that same situation. This is where the acronym F.A.I.L comes from: "First Attempt In Learning". I am not saying that after the first attempt, you will never make any mistakes again, but ideally, you will avoid making the same one.

You need to always love your life, because this is the ONLY one God gave you. We do not have nine lives like cats, unfortunately, so we need to appreciate what we already have and make the most of it. We all wonder why certain things happen to the good people and great things happen to the bad ones. We create a sense of injustice in our mind, as to why him or her and not me, what do they have that I don't, and why am I going through so much financial hell and they are driving luxurious cars? Jealousy is an innate feeling to all humans and it is somewhat difficult to control when you try doing everything right and it just doesn't work. Remember that you are running a race on a path that is exclusively dedicated to you, which means that NO one else is on that same track. Who are you running against except yourself? Look around you, there is NO one. You can walk, crawl, stand still, walk backwards if you need to, but you are still the only one that will arrive at YOUR destination. Afraid that he or she will have more? But more of what? Does the Universe have a bank account that has a cap to it? No, there is enough quadrillions and trillions of bazillions of dollars waiting on you to take your share. Even if the 7.1 billion people in this planet were taking 100 billion of dollars each from the Universe bank account, you will still have left 1 000 quadrillion of bazillion of trillion of dollars left for you. So what's the big deal here?,-NO-MATTER-WHAT!&id=9476138