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Full Power!

You or anyone has to put full power and strength behind their affirmations with full passion and emotional energy. "Doing" affirmations without any emotional investment is the weakest thing in existence as I will show in this article. The best attention you can give to your life is powerful and succinct affirmation without holding back.

Sure, many may have doubts. But, do you have doubts when you see that consistent drop of water wear away the strong rock over time through "natures affirmation"? Nobody has any doubts about that fact and reality. Indeed, the only talent that affirmation takes is the talent of passion and to have the patience to wear away that "strong rock of resistance" that you are working on through affirmation.

In the sense of emotional and psychic/spiritual power needed, prayer and affirmation are one in the same. But, they both need to be done consistently and with steadfast practicing of the technique. Sure, some problems may seem bigger than others and need more perseverance than others, but they can all be ultimately solved in the same way. It takes nothing "amazing" or "incredible" except full power of the sort I was writing about above.

In the game of life, when considering the nature of emotional and spiritual power, nature favors the bold and massive action taking or forceful. The masters and really big winners are not amazing except that they use all of this in the best ways. The worst losers invest the least in this sense. Taking things without passion or taking things for granted is the ultimate weakness. So is quitting time. In my opinion and probably in reality, there is not any real quitting time when it comes to the most genuine of success. In short, life and existence are only as good as we are.

So, the power of affirmation and prayer are within us, never outside of us because life and existence are only as good as we are. Power is neutral, what we do with it is fully our choice. Start here, start thinking on your problem, start your prayer and affirmation here if you have the problem. If you want to solve you have to seriously start solving it and never quit until you succeed. What I am saying is not a "right", it is a mandatory reality that applies to everyone. Get started, this is your reality.!&id=9133911