Manifestation miracle

Message From the Universe: First Think, Second, Let the Universe Take Care of It!

Visualizing for Beginners...

For those who want convenient parking spaces, unexpected gifts, or chance encounters with cool people:

First, think. Second, let go.

Visualizing for the Illuminated...

For those who want a healing touch, world peace, or a new independence, wealth, health and happiness.

First, think. Second, let go.

We're there for you- 
The Universe

Your thoughts are extremely powerful, especially when you put belief behind them. It is not just about thinking about finding convenient parking spaces, or unexpected gifts, or chance encounters with cool people, but trusting the Universe that it will make all these thoughts come true. By visualizing how you want your life to be, you are giving a message to the Universe as to what you expect it to be and allowing the Universe to decide the best course of action to make everything happen your way. It is crucial to always trust the power from above, and when you create your thoughts, you need to make sure you are feeling like it already happened.If you start doubting, you are sending a message of doubts, which in return, will deliver your thoughts with doubts in them. The outcome will never be the same as the result can be disappointing. There is also an element of luck, where being at the right place at the right time and where all the planets are aligned properly to create wonders for your present and future. When you look at all the ones who succeeded, they also believed a lot in themselves that they can make things happen, no matter how long it will take. They have it in their mind and soul that they will succeed far beyond their wildest imagination, and the Universe listened.

There is no secret as to what you can accomplish in your life, as you have the power to do whatever you feel is best for you. We have the freedom to create or destroy, which in many cases, we destroy our own dreams because of doubting our capabilities. We criticize ourselves too much to allow any chance of hope to happen. Once we have damaged our spirit, we start complaining as to why things aren't happening, despite our meek efforts. It is important to trust yourself enough when it comes to creating miracles, as these miracles can only manifest themselves if you believe they will. Always learn to think greatness, and forget about the HOW'S it will happen. That is NOT your job. Delegate this task to the Universe and let it accomplish it the way it was meant to be. Focus on the vision, and let it happen.,-Second,-Let-the-Universe-Take-Care-of-It!&id=9419635