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Breaking The Scarcity Mindset That Kills Your Success

Does scarcity thinking really sabotage success?

The current default setting ingrained in most of humanity seems to be one that's deeply rooted in lack and hardship. Many of us are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically living in a place of such great struggle that even when a brilliant opportunity shows up we aren't able to see or cease it to our benefit.

There's a very debilitating idea running in the background of many people, carrying this belief that life is a struggle and things always have to be hard. So when something awesome comes along, this belief in hardship prevents them from taking the necessary action or even considering some new risks because in their minds, they've already settled on a "hard" and negative outcome.

If we have chosen to live life from this awareness, it's going to be hard to produce the desired results because new results require new methods and approaches yet how can we embark on something new with the right attitude if we already believe that it's going to be hard or that it might not work out? The irony of such a belief is that life never fails to prove us right.

This is a classic case of scarcity thinking running a person's mind, which means their entire life and financial decisions will work to reflect the same. Scarcity thinking certainly sabotages your success as well as your ability to create new breakthroughs whether personal or professional. Whenever you find a team that has a long losing history, even when they have a chance to secure a new victory, the old patterns seem to kick in and they fall short yet again. It's really hard to break the cycle of losing in the same way it's really hard to break the cycle of winning hence the common saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But does this also apply in your life?

Absolutely... Your life conditions are all subject to the thought patterns that run in the background of your mind. We all operate based on our paradigms and although paradigms are good and necessary, when neglected or not upgraded over time, they can become our own worst enemies.

Breaking The Scarcity Mindset:

If you haven't been actively renewing your mind, it's likely that the current paradigms you have around the most important subject relative to your life, are all limited and outdated.

Personally I think we are spending way too much time talking about the problems that we want to overcome in life, describing them in details, dissecting them, trying to figure out where they came from and at times even talk down at those who conditioned us into said beliefs. This to me is just adding injury to the wound and it doesn't resolve anything. Those who influenced you and gave you the current beliefs that keep you stuck only did the best they knew how with the awareness they had. Replaying old memories doesn't help you in any way, if your goal is to move forward and create more success in your life. My suggestion to you from now on is simply this:

• Find out if you have an active scarcity mindset (all you need to do is look around your life and the manifested conditions in the area of your finances, health, relationships, work and your interaction with life). It won't be hard to figure out whether you live in the presence of abundance and prosperity or the absence of it. If still unsure, check out the list I made on the signs and symptoms of a scarcity mindset as I discuss this subject in greater detail there.

• Take action immediately and learn how to renew and retrain your mind so it can be more tuned into abundance and prosperity. The mind's natural state is prosperity and abundance but if it's been exposed to lack for too long, some work must be individually done by you as soon as possible, because your mind is what determines the level of success you will enjoy.

Listen, there will always be many variables on all things in the business world and in life but there's always going to be only one determining factor that makes or breaks the deal - you! A renewed mind is what breaks the scarcity paradigms and lack consciousness.

• Let go of past history as well as the need to blame others, issue judgment or even victimize or hate on yourself once you discover that you dwell in an awareness of lack and shortage. Going back to what I said before, it doesn't really matter what happened in the past, whether it was wrong or right for society to believe so much in lack, for our parents to train us into scarcity awareness etc... All these things don't matter, the only thing that matters is what are you now willing and committed to doing in order to stop killing your efforts of success?

• Build your faith. I don't mean blind faith but faith based on understanding. One of the best ways to break scarcity thinking is to gain right understanding of the laws that govern our success. But even more essential and empowering is learning about the law of our being and your real identity.

You see it will always be impossible for you not to be sucked into that feeling of lack and limitation if you don't establish a solid and real foundation of a higher awareness. Knowing the truth, and I do mean really knowing the truth about who you are, what you're capable of, what you have access to and what you already have, is the only way to ensure you don't kill your success when threats of lack and shortage show up.

Only true faith can help you accomplish this effortlessly so rather than placing your efforts on fighting the scarcity mindset or taking massive action in some way to get rid of the limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging you - just try this new approach, seek truth and the right guidance and watch how ready life is to help you manifest greater success.

Struggle will never be the way to create more success in life. That battle will never be won through struggle, if it had been the answer the battle should have been over long ago isn't it? So why not try another approach, a different method, which is often the path less travelled.