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Message From the Universe: Accepting Life As It Comes!

"Struggling and trying to physically manipulate the circumstances of one's life, reveals a misunderstanding of how those circumstances were actually created. And for the focus placed on them during the struggle, it actually serves to keep things from changing.

Acceptance, on the other hand, reveals an understanding that today's circumstances arose from yesterday's focus, encouraging introspection and fueling new thought, actually serving to hasten change.

Yeah, sounds like an SAT question.

The Universe"

It takes a whole lot of negative thoughts to create a negative outcome. However, when your brain manages around 60,000 thoughts daily, it is hard to really count the nature of your thoughts, either it being positive or negative. It will consume every ounce of energy you possess if you try. Now, instead of focusing on how many thoughts enter your mind, change your focus towards the nature of what you allow entering your subconscious mind. You want to change your focus, and the rest will follow. It is important to always look for new opportunities and if yesterday was miserable, today will change. Keeping these negative feelings can only damage your soul and wouldn't allow you to work on yourself and progress. Every day is a new chapter written in your book of life, and you are the author. Avoid letting negativity enter your mind day after day and allow it to drain your energy. You can't expect changes when you allow these feelings to happen. Fighting against an opponent (life) that is stronger than anyone you can ever imagine is a battle you will lose miserably. You can, however, fight life intelligently. It's not about how hard your hit back, it's about how much you can take from this fight and keep on moving forward. Life is looking to battle weak minded people, that will lay down after the first punch. Stand up and look at life straight in the eyes and say: "I didn't hear any bells. The fight ain't over yet". I agree that it will hurt, and it will be painful and life will keep on hitting. Life is NOT easy, so if things do not work out the way you want, it is NOT anyone's fault except yours. However, life do not feel it's worth the time to keep on hitting on someone who keeps on getting up after every punch. Show what you are made off and the rest of your life will unravel in front of you. Just know that others are dealing with way more difficult challenges than you do.

Despite these challenges you face today or will face tomorrow, you need to learn how to accept certain circumstances that will occur in your life, regardless of how much you tried to avoid them. There is no IF or BUT about it. It is a part of your destiny and it is already written in your book of life. Even though you are the author, some Epilogue have been written by G-d and this is what you will have to face. So instead of arguing about the outcome, start to think about ways to alleviate the magnitude of the ordeal so you can get out of it unscathed. I am not saying that it will be a walk in the park, but it will hurt all through the process. But again, once this phase is completed, start picking up the broken pieces and trash them. Remember that the pain you are experiencing is ONLY temporary, and it will subside after time. Quitting never really subsides as it becomes a part of you and your personality. Quitters never achieve anything, and they blame the whole world about their misfortune. They forget to blame the ONLY person that allowed the quitting to happen: THEMSELVES. If you have a dream, whatever it is, you need to protect it and cultivate it. If you want something, go out there and get it and don't wait for anyone's permission. When you go for your dream, do not be afraid to fail. You can't always win every war, but allowing yourself to learn from these failures is what can make you a better and wiser person. It will never be just about taking action, but also believing that good things will happen in your life and live like it already happen. Looking to be rich? Feel like you already achieve wealth and start looking at new homes and whatever else you desire. Everything starts with thoughts, then belief and finally, ACTION. So what are YOU going to do today?!&id=9461833