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Being Positive Means More Than Just WISHING!

Nearly everyone realizes how important it is, to maintain a quality, consistently positive attitude! The reality is you can't become the best you can be, until and unless, you seek the best way to perform, and focus on how you can, rather than why you can't! In my over three decades of involvement in leadership training, and personal development/ self - help, I have trained thousands to not only think positively, but to also arm themselves with the tools, to be ready, willing and able, to achieve, when others fail! Maintaining a genuine, positive attitude, means not only hoping and WISHING, but proceeding in a positive way, in everything you do, and focus on!

1. Wisdom, 5 W's: Just using rhetoric which sounds positive, is far different from truly maintaining that type of attitude! When it is accompanied with a commitment to achieving and performing, and one seeks knowledge and relevant wisdom, he propels himself to maximum greatness! Great leaders understand this, yet most of us, in our everyday lives, seem to permit our fears and insecurities overwhelm our positivity and forward - thinking! To do so, we must get into the habit of asking the right questions, including: who, what, why, where and when! Who will we trust and rely on, what are our real goals, why do we do what we do, where to start, and when will be proactively proceed?

2. Ideas - oriented; interesting: What are you really interested in, and why? Would others find you, and your ideas, interesting and worthwhile? How do you come up with your central ideas, and are you propelled and focused on concepts and ideas, or do you proceed by using, merely empty rhetoric, silliness, and popularity (or lack of stress, etc)?

3. Strategic; sustainable system: Just as in leadership, each of us must strategically plan, our personal goals and priorities. Are you goals - oriented, and do you look at the larger, more sustainable, future, or do you merely proceed day - to - day, constantly applying band - aids, rather than seeking solutions. Do you look to how to become your personal best, and believe you can, or do you just do whatever is easiest, least challenging, and settle for being mediocre?

4. Head/ heart; hear; heal: Being genuinely positive, does not mean being pie - in - the - sky, unrealistic, or a dreamer! Balance your logical and emotional components, listen effectively, and proactively heal wounds, both your own, as well as others, so you can become stronger and more effective!

5. Ideology; integrity: Do you believe the ideology you articulate? Can you maintain your absolute integrity, regardless of controversy, or ease/ comfort level, when others abandon (or never attempt) theirs?

6. Needs - centric: Have you identified what makes you happiest, and what your core needs, concerns and priorities, are?

7. Generate goodwill; get results; greatness: Do you inspire others by the level of your existence? Can you get desirable results, and do you consistently focus on greatness and quality?

You can try to, but you can't really fake being positive! Begin by realizing it takes far more than mere, WISHFUL thinking!!&id=9344322