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First Five Secrets To Abundant Wealth

I challenge you to begin putting these principles into action and see the changes that result in your life and your business. Make this personal, and embrace these steps as they matter to you.

1. The Power of Sub-Conscious Beliefs. Your subconscious mind is real - we all have one. This is what is responsible for your habits, actions, behavior, and ultimately what you produce. The amount of money you earn is actually in direct proportion to your self-image and the power of your subconscious beliefs. Never underestimate this power.

2. Burning Desire. This is the language of spirit. You never desire something you cannot achieve. The fact you desire something is evidence you have the ability to do it. You may have heard the saying, "What you believe you can achieve". There is more truth to that statement than most people give credit to.

Be prepared to sacrifice. Except for your health, relationships and self-respect, be willing to make the sacrifices needed. Think about how NOT having money has impacted your past, present and future. What pleasure would you gain from having abundant wealth?

The secret to making your burning desire work for you is to have more pleasure than fear from having it. If your dominate feeling is fear, that is what you will attract instead of the wealth you desire. It may surprise you how many people are actually fearful of attracting wealth.

3. Definiteness of Purpose. You can achieve anything, but you need to know the REASONS behind your desire. An example would be the goal of a new car. Envision not only what type of car, brand and color, but your reason WHY you desire the car. What are the benefits you will receive?

Picture yourself actually driving your new car as you affirm how happy and grateful you are now, in the present. Understanding the "why" behind any passion will always propel you forward and keep you going when you face obstacles.

4. Organized Action Plan. You may be tired of hearing it, but you must set goals and follow an action plan to get there. Once you set a specific goal, write down 10 ways you can achieve it. It's not the amount of money you have, but what you can achieve with it.

5. Power of Specialized Knowledge. You can't acquire wealth without this in at least one area. Think about the areas you have acquired specialized knowledge and use this to help others.

By applying these simple principles consistently you will see positive changes. Like anything, it takes practice and persistence, but is well worth the effort. Start your journey today!