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How To Live a Life of Infinite Abundance

Unless you were born super rich, I would venture to say you want to have more abundance in your life. Most people think of abundance as money. In our modern day society, that is understandable. But abundance could come in many forms. A week ago, I ordered some trash can liners from a store. When the product arrived, I realized I ordered the wrong color. I started a return process on the store's web site. Then I received an email, stating my return has been approved, but there is NO NEED to return the product. Imagine my confusion! I decided to wait and see if the money get refunded to my credit card. To my shock and amazement, it did! And I didn't have to return the product, which originally cost $20. I received abundance from the Universe in the form of trash can liners, which I much needed. I dare say I received abundance from the Universe quite often these days. But it wasn't always this way.

I used to have a deep sense of lack in my consciousness. I grew up extremely poor, like lack of food poor. Despite the success I was able to attain in later years, this poverty consciousness never left me. In fact, I carried it like a torch. I feel a bit embarrassed just writing about it. I didn't know at the time, this lack consciousness was what prevented me from manifesting wealth and abundance into my life. When I finally realized this, I realized this also stemmed from the lack of self love that stemmed from a tough childhood and the abusive environment I grew up in. I decided to eradicate the cause and core of this lack consciousness, the biggest block that prevented me from manifesting the life I truly wanted.

First, I resolved to heal the emotional pain behind the experiences that led to my lack of self love and self esteem. This allowed me to begin to truly believe I deserve to receive abundance. If you think about it, how small we all are compared to the size and scope of the Universe! The amount of abundance needed to satisfy every one of us on Earth is utterly insignificant compared to the vastness of the cosmos. The trick is to truly be open to receive it. You might say, "I am ready! I want abundance! I want a million dollars in my bank!" Unfortunately your outer Self, that part of you that you are actually conscious and aware of, is only one aspect of the entirely of your existence.

There are three aspects to our existence, the Outer Self, the one we are all aware of, the Shadow or Ego Self, which remains hidden most of the time, and the Source Aspect, that part of us that is connected to the field of ALL life, to the quantum field where all life and all consciousness exist in its true form. Your Outer Self might be ready and willing, but your Shadow Self, when not paid attention to and not healed from the past, constitutes a vote of NO in your manifesting effort. Then there is the Source Aspect, which has an agenda of its own, and, depending on the person, has the final say in whether your receive the abundance you deserve. For it will make you learn the lesson you need to learn. To live an infinitely abundant life, we must then:

Align the various aspects of our true Self, the totality of our existence.
Heal what lies in the sub-conscious, our Shadow Self or Ego Self by releasing fears, anger and other undesirable emotions and transform these emotions.
Align your thoughts, your words, and your actions to open to receive the abundance that is your birth right.

Jacqueline's Power of The Spoken Word series of classes is a system of empowerment, of lasting transformation at the very core of one's life.
They teach you how to:
1. Stop what you don't want in your life.
2. Heal the aspect of you that seems to be sabotaging you.
3. Use precise declarations that mobilize the creative powers of the Universe to manifest your desires into physical reality.