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The Keys to Massive Success

I have been a fan of Anthony Robbins for many years, read his books and yesterday watched several of his YouTube videos. Success and the workings of the brain are a fascinating subject. I find him compelling watching, as he is so dynamic and earnest in his delivery, his excitement for his theory is infectious and when I have used his methods or similar they have worked for me.

Anthony's recommendations for reaching success are that you need a compelling vision, you need many strong reasons why you should follow through, this will keep you motivated and pull you through to your vision instead of you attempting to rely on will-power, (this is the hard way).

If you desire to change something in your life a habit or situation, make sure it is a MUST, not a COULD, desire. It has to be a strong enough reason to produce a shift in your brain to activate the recticular activity system (RAS) and then your belief is massively strengthened.

It is a strange fact, but we live by standards or beliefs and the brain is wired to keep us on track, so it isn't until we change those beliefs, that we change our behavior. So if we haven't changed our beliefs since our youth, we are stuck with those beliefs, For example we may believe we are a smoker and though we may be trying to stop the habit it is extremely hard, until we think of ourself as a non-smoker.

If we raise our standards, we will improve in that direction; how much we earn, our weight, or our success in any area. So when our New Years resolutions fail or plans to change don't happen, it is because we haven't put enough energy, enthusiasm, desire and belief behind the plan to activate the shift in the RAS.

So now you have the keys to change, where does your future lie? what do you need to change to make your life better, your weight, your income, your career, or maybe to stop smoking in order to be the "best you", you can be.

Many people are looking for time and location freedom for a better lifestyle and are turning to online marketing to achieve their dreams. It is a way of life which I and thousands of others enjoy, if it appeals to you, affiliate marketing is the simplest starting point online.

Begin with the guidance of a good coach and mentor, (the best you can find according to Antony Robbins, for fast results). With affiliate marketing your mentor will provide your products, sales pages and training, making is faster to start earning whilst you are learning all the techniques necessary and you will also work to a tried and tested plan; this will bring you success the easiest way.

If you would like to see more of Anthony Robbins go to YouTube to see many videos. A great book of his is "Awaken the Giant Within" I have read it several times, although it is a huge book, it is packed with ideas and explanations to help you change your beliefs and therefore your life.