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Your Limiting Beliefs Are Hurting You

If you are like many of us, you have probably gotten to a point where you have realized that you are not at the place in your life where you had hoped to be. Whether it is your finances, your weight, your relationships, you career or any other area of your life. What most people don't realize is that when you do not have what you desire to have, it is because deep down in your subconscious mind, there are various limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

As we have talked about in other articles, these limiting beliefs are not even in our conscious awareness. We may not even know that they exist. Once you are aware of the fact that your limiting beliefs are actually preventing you from achieving what you want, then you can start to dig a little deeper to determine what they are, clear them out and get on your way to achieving those things that you want.

I for one have struggled with beliefs about money. One of the beliefs is that there was "never enough money". Since I truly believed this to the core of me, I would keep manifesting situations of lack and then seeing for myself that there never was enough. I kept reliving the same feelings about money because that is what I truly believed. Part of this was from my parents and some of it was from past religious beliefs telling me that God gives us only what we need for the day. I made up that I could only have enough to get by and no extra. Once I was able to let go and counteract that belief and affirm to myself that there is an endless supply of money in the Universe, the belief lost its grip on me, and money started showing up from unusual sources and various ways.

Sadly, most of us have had these and other beliefs for years and have created multiple layers. We can become aware of one layer and clear it and a couple of days, weeks or months later, it may appear again. It doesn't mean that you never cleared it the first time, but that there are deeper layers for healing. Be patient with yourself as you can eventually clear them and depending on how embedded in your subconscious they are, will determine how easy they are to get rid of. Sometimes they are more of a challenge to get rid of as they have become a part of our identity and we don't know what or who we would be without them.

I recently had to face a painful realization of a belief that I had been holding on to unknown to me. It started to surface a couple of months ago and I faced it and thought I had cleared it. It now sounds like such a ridiculous thought. The belief was " I don't deserve to be happy". If you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have sworn that I knew I deserved to be happy. But deep down, my subconscious mind was resisting this thought and it started to feel really uncomfortable when I would say those words to myself.

I grew up in a chaotic, high stress, abusive household. So as a child, when I may have been feeling happy minding my own business (and I am a naturally happy person) and then out of left field came anger and rage, I may have instantly told myself that I shouldn't be happy or I don't deserve to be. When this pattern continued on a regular basis, I had no choice to say to myself, " See, I was happy and someone got mad at me so clearly I shouldn't be happy".

I continued to seek these types of relationships where there was erratic behavior and raging to confirm that exact subconscious belief. Despite the fact that I always woke up happy, something would always happen, whether it was my own painful thoughts or actions or words by another. I had no idea in my conscious mind until recently when it came blaring to my attention.

As this new and deeper layer came to surface, I became more sensitive and was blaming more because I was feeling uncomfortable. I found myself having a great day and then finding something to turn it rough. How could I be happy if my true belief was I didn't deserve to be? I caught myself starting to sabotage my own happiness and the happiness of others around me to stay aligned with my beliefs. I didn't want them to be happy because then I had to face my own pain. It was quite painful to me at a conscious level because I really wanted to be happy, but somehow, it was like a comfortable slipper for my subconscious mind when I was not happy.

It was a sick cycle and I could not believe what I had created in my mind from the time I was a child. This could have kept me captive for the rest of my life had I not faced it head on due to the fact it was causing problems in my most precious relationship. Life would be great for a quick time but it would never stay that way or even close. I saw what I was doing and had to bring it to a screeching halt. I had no idea where the behavior was coming from and was embarrassed by my unforeseen reactions.

We have all our answers within us and we just have to ask for it to be revealed. I sought the answer within and then I was able to address the belief, release it and counteract it. Wow, it was freedom from bondage I didn't even know I was in.

Sometimes, there is something within us that is not ready to face the truth and it may take a while for the answer to come. If that is the case, be patient and know it is for your highest and best.

Clearing these beliefs may be a breeze for some and more of a challenging for others especially those who grew up in dysfunctional homes. I always remind our readers that although it may be painful to face, inside that Pandora's box is a beautiful treasure chest. Happy treasure hunting! Namaste