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Moving Mountains With Placebo

When we go to the doctor it is because we are unwell and want to get better. Once there, we feel that now the doctor will take it from there. We go with faith and a hope to get better. This is the first step. The doctor writes the prescription and we pop the pills, no questions asked, thinking these will help us get better. They actually do. Research says that placebo effect works. But what fascinates me is that how amazing it is that by mere thinking something is true, your whole psychology and physiology starts to work in that one direction. You actually start to feel better.

Well, if this can work on an illness, why can't it work in other real life situations where mere believing can send a message to the universe that, "I want this, start working in my favor." Your mind and body are living in a state where they believe that good things are going to happen. They don't even think about the other option, not even once. This can be a great force in making things happen and motivating oneself to achieve a goal which at one point seemed unattainable.

But having said all that, there is one hitch. This is where the truth lies. "What do you want?" If you apply the placebo effect to your mind for every situation, you should understand that merely wanting and believing is not enough, what you believe also matters. Having malicious intentions or wanting something that you feel you don't truly deserve will not trigger your brain and mind in the way pure thoughts do. Wanting things like wellness, better health, a good quality life, love, companionship, financial security, respect, etc. are fully justified in life. We all deserve a good life. Therefore, wanting something that one should have anyways makes a strong case for you as there is no guilt factor.

We all know ourselves better than the world knows us. Keep your thoughts pure and then think about how you want to improve your life. Think about what aspects of your life need your attention and then apply the placebo effect. How do you do that? Well, it's simple. Just keep one thought in mind. If you feel that life isn't being fair, just believe that good things will happen, have faith, let yourself go and the universe take over. It's worth a try.