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The 4 Most Powerful Words That Launched the Most Successful Companies in The World

"Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors. I recently read an article that said the famed children's author loved challenges. In 1959, the co-founder of his publishing company bet Dr. Seuss that he could not write an actual book with a good story using fifty words or less. Dr. Seuss quickly accepted the bet. The result? The beloved book, "Green Eggs and Ham." To date it has sold over 200 million copies - using only 49 words in its entirety. Dr. Seuss might be on to something." Mary Southerland

In effect all he said was "I Can Do It"...

Dr. Seuss basically declared "I can do it" without hesitation and he did it.

When these four words find each other and come together, they establish one of the most compelling tools in your success support arsenal. They form an exceptional motivating phrase that's available for you to freely adopt and incorporate into your success support psyche.

The fusion of these four words provides an impressive power source that has the dynamism to enhance the mental stamina needed to start your success quest. "I Can Do It" is a positive affirmation that is ubiquitously written about and celebrated in quotes and articles throughout the internet and in bookstores.

There are an untold number of "I can do it" stories sweeping across and around the globe every day. These are stories of men and women who decide to do the mundane to the magnificent and start off with nothing more than an authentic belief in themselves and a personal commitment to, and a declaration of, the phrase "I can do it."

Moving forward with no guarantees of success, they make their world vulnerable and open it to outsiders who can inhibit and modify their declaration of "I Can Do It" yet they still advance with determination and hopefulness.

The Principal Point of this: "I Can Do It" is the only powerful way to start any project and even though you may not have all the facts and knowledge immediately this simple phrase is telling your psyche that it's time to go to work and accomplish this task or project and most important of all, it's telling you that "you can do it"

"A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life. A word of encouragement from a spouse can save a marriage. A word of encouragement from a leader can inspire a person to reach her potential." John C. Maxwell

Personal Note: For me "I Can Do It" is about helping you get started and that's the most important step of any project or venture you're planning to commit to. Trying to Start a venture or mission will prove to be the most challenging and stressful time in the life of that event.

In the fast moving world we live in it's very difficult to plan your way to success and achieve your most important goals. "Just start", take action now and learn as you go is the only way to try to keep up with the change that will keep poking you on your success quest.

The following is an extreme summary of what the beginning of your success quest should look like:

The steps to succeed in starting:

You Declare: "I Can Do It." You must believe in yourself with all your might. You need to dig deep and find the strength and self-respect needed to know that "you can do it." If you have to fake it that's okay. If you have to push through the fear and anxiety that's okay. We've all been there. You're not alone. The act of just starting will stimulate all your senses and the "I Can Do It" feeling will eventually appear and feel as if it was always there. Have faith. It will happen.

Personal Note: Remember when you were a kid and every year in September you had to start a new grade in school with new teachers and new classmates. This is no different.

Do your research: Acquire a basic outline for your new business or situation using the questions Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Remind yourself: "I Can Do It"

Just Start: Think Ready... Fire... Aim. Adjust as you go along. Always think "success". Be on the lookout for opportunities. For protection, keep a negative "what could go wrong" eye on your surroundings.

Remind yourself: "I Can Do It"
Good luck. Stay safe out there. Never give up on your dreams. Never. You can never fail if you refuse to give up.