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Consistency Is the Key

What does the word consistency mean: In the Webster's dictionary it means: firmness of constitution or character: persistency. There were other meanings but this is the one that jumped out at me.

I was studying a book today and basically doing a spiritual check up on myself. The chapter today was about consistency. I was cut to the bone because I'm so bad about being consistent. The one thing I'm truly consistent is about is getting up and going to work everyday. No matter what I go to work, even at times when I don't feel well. Because we need a paycheck every other Friday I go to work - I'm consistent

Then I'm reading a book; what does he talk about on the training points page - consistency.

I think the Lord may be talking to me about something. Consistency is the key. You have to keep doing what you're doing, only getting better and better at it. You can do what I call - throw a sticky wad at the wall and hope it sticks. Most of the time it will slide off the wall to the ground. That's how people, and I'm talking to myself, do. We throw things at the wall hoping they'll stick and they'll work. However, when they start to slide down the wall and fall to the ground we just let them fall.

When you have a goal you have to work at it every day. Every single day you need to work on that goal until you have accomplished it. But it doesn't stop there, then you have to get up and find another goal and keep at it until you're done. That's life. That's what we have to do - we keep doing, making adjustments as necessary, and then more doing.

I have lots of dreams and goals that I really want to accomplish. The problem is "how bad do I really want to accomplish them?" I can say I really, really want to lose weight but am I doing something every day to accomplish that goal. Am I going to the gym, am I following my food plan? Usually what I do I exercise for a couple of weeks pretty regularly, get bored with it and then I don't want to do it anymore. Do I change up the plan to keep from being bored, nope, I just quit. I follow a food plan maybe, just maybe I might make it three weeks, get bored with it and quit.

Find a life goal find a plan and stick with it. Even if you get bored even if it makes you cry DO IT!!! Quick story. I used to work for a Youth Department at a fairly large church. I never went on the mission trips - but I always helped plan them and when they got back I would do my best to help them get unpacked, and return the rental vehicles. One time the group came back and we had 12 passenger vans that we had to take to the car wash and gas station so we could return them properly.

Well I'm short, only 5'0 and I can barely see over the hood of this thing to drive it to get it gassed up and cleaned up. To make this trip to the car wash/gas station even more eventual it had a 10' trailer on the back of it. So here I am trying to figure out how I'm going to drive this thing anywhere with this trailer on the back of it. I heard one of the other Youth Volunteers say this, "if you're going to be in Youth Ministry, you need to suck it up and drive that van with the trailer to the car wash/gas station."

So here I am whining, freaking out trying to drive this van with the trailer and I'm saying to myself, "Kelly said if I'm going to be in Youth Ministry, I better suck it up." Said that all the way there and all the way back to the church. I have used that quote for many, many things since that day.

Funny thing, when I told Kelly how much what she said meant to me she said, "I never said that. I would never say that to you, I was talking about what I said to myself." Isn't that hilarious? She didn't even say those words to me, yet I heard them, and they made a world of difference in my life.

So now back to me and what I heard Kelly say, "if you're going to do _______________ (you fill in the blank) you better suck it up."

To Your Success,