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Be Motivational, Not Manipulative!

Set your mind on the right things. Let your thought be progressive not aggressive. When your thought is moving forward and not backwards, you are motivating yourself and those around you. For it means, you will speak the right words and do the right things. But when your thought is aggressive and move about in a circle, you become manipulative, hurting both yourself and others. Truly out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

The following thought will help you steer the rudder of your ship to the right direction:

1. Don`t Allow Yourself to Be Distracted: You owe yourself the duty of not being distracted from the dreams or goals you have for your life. Those dreams came to you from above, if they are good and beneficial to mankind, then they were inspired by God. God of course can`t be against what He inspired so who then can be against you if not yourself. You are responsible for whatever happens to you, don`t let anything or anyone distract you from who you were meant to be.

2. Always Push Yourself and Be Determined: That you failed yesterday is not enough reason to throw in the towel, stand up, dust yourself, chin up, chest out and move on. The world revolves around those who are determined and who do not give up. Life itself appears intimidating sometimes, but do not let that scare you, always nudge yourself with good words and a charming smile. These will strengthen your resolve to be on top always.

3. Set Realizable Goals: Don`t dabble into things, things so not just happen; they are made to happen. Have specific goals with times allotted to them for if you do not have a destination, everywhere will look like where you want to be. Do not let the goals you set for yourself overwhelm you. Look those goals in the eyes and conquer them for you have everything it takes to overcome life.

4. Don`t Accept Deviations: Don`t answer names you haven`t been divinely given. You have been named and tagged with names like excellent, brave, the best, a success etc. Don`t answer names you were called before you discovered who you are. Don`t agree to the leadings of those detractors, always remember who you are.

5. Be Passionate About Your Goals: Don`t be careless about your set goals. Don`t procrastinate, those goals should propel you to move forward. Breathe them, think them, live them and have them realized. Anything that don`t have your passion won`t attract your compassion and commitment. This is why the goals you set should be reliable for when they are cumbersome, you will lose interest.

People and materials you need to be motivational are all within you, press the right keys and they will appear, and truly life will become beautiful for you. Be progressive and not aggressive.,-Not-Manipulative!&id=9289761