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Overcome Poverty Consciousness and Increase Your Money Mastery and Mindset

Is your money mindset in disarray? Is it difficult for you to balance your check book? Are you unable to manage your money?

Do you want to overcome Poverty Consciousness, increase your money mastery and mindset, and embrace your Divine birthright of Wealth Consciousness?

Here are five action steps to help you release lack thinking and increase wealth and abundance in your life.

One, bless and purify your money. This will clear the negative psychic energy that causes you pain from money.

Bless the money that comes to you and goes from you. In other words, say a prayer over both your income and your outgo. Use cedar, sage and sweetgrass to smudge your money, checkbook and billfold, debit and credit cards, bank statements, bills and all other financial papers. Schedule this and do it every week.

Two, remember it's boundaries, boundaries and boundaries. If you are an empath and taking on other people's money stories in order to heal their money dysfunction and pain, stop it. It's not your job. Remember, you should never perform healing acts without the recipient's explicit permission in the first place.

Three, just say no to barter. It's the 21st century! We no longer take chickens as payment for goods and services. We use money now. You need to learn to touch and handle it.

To do this, write a business policy as part of your terms of service that states you take money, not barter, as payment for goods and services.

Practice saying your new policy until you are comfortable stating it to others.

Pay money for the goods and services you want. Ask those who propose trades to you to pay you in money as well.

Work to improve your money knowledge and management skills. Education will reduce your money anxiety. As you develop ease and confidence with money your interest in barter will diminish.

Four, renounce your spiritual vows of poverty taken in other lives. Put time and thought into this. Write your statement. Tweak it. Say it aloud. Do this as many times as feels right.

Then craft a vow of wealth and abundance for t his life. Say it over and over until you feel your Wealth Consciousness shift. Then repeat it on a daily or weekly basis.

Five, improve your grounding. Be preset in your body and your life. Being well-connected with the earth makes it easy to engage with the material world, including handling money. Use visualizations to clear and balance your root chakra, the place in your energy body where your money issues reside.

May you step into wealth and abundance with ease and grace!