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Going With The Winds Of Change, Positively

Have faith and use cosmic habit force, Napoleon Hill once said: Well, I do, and I recommend it for you to if you genuinely want to get through it. But, the problem is, too many people get religion, not faith and cosmic habit force. Then, when the "mess hits the fan" or things go wrong, they do not know how to deal with it really except to come to a full stop instead of use God given rationality to deal with it.

If something goes wrong, keep going and simply correct yourself, even some of the worst airplane flights with all kinds of turbulence can do that. There are certain exceptions to the rule I just mentioned, but, I will put it this way: Disaster is simply a chance to learn. I know that sounds like a slap in the face of sorts, but, if you really want to achieve a goal, a disaster is simply a way not to do it that teaches you the genuine way to do it. That is all, and if it is looked at that way with faith and fully faithfully, you will recover genuinely. Sure, this sounds overly simple, but is it not that simple? After all take a look at how many times the initial novels of Stephen King were rejected starting with "Carrie" about the nightmare High School Prom or one of my personal favorite childhood books: "Gentle Ben" by Walt Morey or this one from the last century, "Callanetics" by Callan Pinckney who died in 2012 after hard won success with her books and exercise videos and last but not least, Nikola Tesla, the real life electrical genius intellectual super man that made Thomas Edison look like an amateur dabbler in comparison with his lasers, early robotics, neon signs, and patents on the alternating current we use today in electricity.

The point to all of the above is that we must go with the winds of change positively and with a definite purpose to our lives for them to mean anything. Sure, so many with "talent" can "make a lot of money", but a genuine and definite purpose is always better and more meaningful than the money. After all, easy money without a genuine and real purpose mostly leads to "pig like" and silly "luxury" that means nothing.

In the George Orwell/Eric Blair novel "Animal Farm" there was a pig named Napoleon, he "led" all of the animals to a "socialist promised land" that was not equal anyway, and killed many of the other "useless animals" including Old Major the horse and left Napoleon at "the top of the heap". Do we see a bunch of Napoleon the Pig types in real life who live "luxuriously" while the Old Major work horse types die or get killed for their "great service"? Life of this sort is going with the winds of change, negatively for all of those types: Both the Napoleons and Old Majors have it bad, really. Get my point?

We all must make ourselves winners through our intentions and our deeds whatever the situation, and if we have a disaster we must move on and go with the positive winds of change and look at things in a better way instead of withering up in fear or to put it another way, the disaster of today could be the greatness of tomorrow.

Before I go: I remember this 1983 movie called "Eddie and the Cruisers". The second album of that fictional 1960s group was a "disaster" and became a hit years later after their "one hit wonder" debut. That is how it works generally.

So, to end by quoting Marshall Field: "I will build and rebuild until it is never torn down again." (Referring to the Field Department Store in Chicago, Illinois where my Mother was born.) I will just end with "be definite and all else will be added".,-Positively&id=9432565