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Message From the Universe: The Simple Approach to Life!

"You eat to nourish your body. You sleep to rejuvenate your spirit. You study, work, and apply yourself for emotional gains. You exercise to tighten your muscles. You listen to music to entertain yourself.

You're not at all adverse to investing time and energy for the rewards you seek. So how about you spare just a few minutes every day to visualize the life of your dreams? Because nothing else you could ever do will make such a profound difference in your fortunes and misfortunes as working with your thoughts and beliefs.

You can start now,
The Universe"

It is not as difficult as you may think. You do everything else without much thought, just like eating, breathing, working out, or whatever else. You don't need someone to justify your actions because it is a part of who you are, and couldn't see yourself not doing the things you do everyday. However, when it comes to the mental awareness of who you can be in the future, it changes the dynamic on how your mind works on a day to day basis. You see, the problem is that we train our mind that all success, fortune and glory is reserved for all the very few among us living in this planet. Unlike the many who have a sense of entitlement and that life owes them something, a lot of people out there feel that they do not deserve the kind of success we see among the billionaires living in our planet. We can't seem to wrap our mind around that particular concept that we, also, deserve to succeed. I am not saying that everyone reading this post is looking to be the next billionaire, even though that won't hurt as bad, but the reality is that every of your thoughts, no matter its nature, is less likely to cross your mind when building yourself a great future. You feel that it is too good to be true or that how can this fortune come to you or whatever else your mind can construct. Because of these thoughts of insecurities, we subconsciously create a world that is not as intimidating as the wealthy life we strongly desire to possess. "If you think it, believe it and act upon it, IT will come".

Invest your energy into creating a life filled with abundance, joy, happiness and like everything else you do everyday, start training your mind so you can start accepting the good coming into your life. We face obstacles every day that comes out of our control, so why add more obstacles that are based on our thoughts and behaviors. Start looking at ways to bypass these hurdles by thinking positive and appreciate the things you already have. Appreciating doesn't mean to be complacent and settle for what you already have. Don't be an ingrate and complain that you don't have more or that this other person have more than you or whatever else. Be grateful and thank the Universe for the life you already have. Most issues you deal with today are thoughts that were created by YOU, around 6 months ago. You are dealing with these negative thoughts today, so even though it can be somewhat difficult to stay positive during difficult times, I would suggest to think that your thoughts today will have an impact on your outcome in 6 months. So might as well be a good one.!&id=9476243