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Why Is Focus a Key to Being Successful?

We no more have the luxury of choosing one thing from a long list of things that need our attention and just concentrate on that while ignoring everything else. In today's time we have to multi-task. Only when we give equal, and sometimes simultaneous attention to things can they be done in time to meet the deadlines.

Multi-tasking can lead to two obvious results- you either make a mess of everything or you don't. It's really that simple. If you have no order, in what could seem like a chaos to others, you can easily get lost. By not having a timetable where you spend some time doing a little bit of everything you might end up doing more than two things at the same time and destroying everything. What is really important, rather a basic necessity in handling all your daily tasks is focus.

Say for example you have to do laundry, cook food, clean your house and attend to an office project. When you allot some time to all your tasks you must refrain from mixing it all up. Even when you're sitting with your project but thinking about what dinner to cook or what gifts to buy for a friend's birthday, you could end up compromising on your work at hand.

In fact, having to focus can mean something as simple as not checking your phone every five minutes when you're studying. If you are a student, these learning years build the foundation of your life. You are still a soft lump of mud and can shape yourself however you like. Focus is one of the most important qualities you must incorporate in life. It is the key to success. You will realise that if you don't get distracted by the television, cell phone, doorbell or any such things, you can finish the task at hand more quickly than you would if you're chatting with your friends.

A big advantage of focusing that you will experience is that it makes your thoughts flow very smoothly. When I am writing this piece right now, this is all I am concentrating on which is allowing me to channel my thoughts in a smooth manner. I have the option of watching a movie while working on this and I can tell myself that the movie is just for some background noise. But in reality half my attention is on the movie and I could end up taking twice as long in writing the same article.

When you're feeling ill doctors ask you to focus on getting better? Why do you think they do that? It is because when you focus on positivity and getting healthy again your body channels all its energy, nutrients and vitamins in fighting the illness and you can recover in no time.

We have seen so many benefits of focusing but we haven't explored the ways in which we can actually learn how to focus. Here are some quick and easy ways in which you can improve your power of focus-

• Concentrate on one thing at a time.
• Always know your priorities.
• Pick 2-3 important tasks every day.
• Stay away from distractors when you are working.
• Take breaks regularly to relax your mind and don't forget to give yourself some rewards
• Connect with people who fill your life with positivity, meaning and passion.