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Staying Firm With Your Life Goals

Be Serious About Your Goals

Life is not a game. And you don't have time to waste.

If you want to succeed in life you have to take your life seriously. Most of you walk around in life dabbling without a purpose, without a focus, just walking aimlessly in life. This is not you, so stop doing that.

You are different.

The reason you are reading this article is because you want a better life for yourself or perhaps want to transform your self, your life, your car, your house, but something in your life you want to change now.

You are convinced that you are ready to change and will do anything in your power and resources to make that happen.

You want things to change; you want things to be better for you because let's face it you're tired of being miserable. You are dissatisfied with something in your life than you find unfair, tiring, boring, stunt-growing and angry.

You want things to change.

I know this is you; the first thing you have to do is stop complaining about your life when you have taken it for a joke.

When you're not living the life you deserve you have to analyze yourself. Perhaps you have taken your life unfavorely. When you look around at yourself you see that you lack focus, purpose and vision of whom you are.

Be Different

But I know one thing about you, this is not you. You want things to change and want things to get better. You are willing to change things around because you're tired of living a circus and you're the clown.

It's time for you to live a prosperous, happy, tranquil life that you truly deserve.

This is you. You have to be ready to make the decision that your life, your desires, your dreams are not a joke anymore.

When you become serious about whom you are and about what you want to accomplish; everyone else will help you and respect you because you're serious about who you are and where you want to be. Earn the respect and recognition you deserve.

Goals are not attracted to clowns, they are attracted to people who have made the decision to achieve the best, be the best and are serious of themselves.

Changing Your Self-Dialogue

In order to be happy, peaceful, persistent or successful in life it's about the self-dialogue you hear or tell yourself. Change it and life will change. Self-dialogues are amazing and effective when you believe in them.

Start with this:

Your dream, your desires, should make you tremble so vividly through your body convincing you that what you're doing in life is your life's purpose. It gives you the certainty you need in life; there should be no room for doubt.

As you journey through your life you must get certainty of what you want; sure of what you need and be sure it belongs to you. You deserve it. This is all that you should tell yourself on a daily basis.

And as you think these thoughts, you have to remind yourself again and again of telling yourself that there is no room in your mind for any negativity such as fear, doubt, quitting. You must not poison your mind.

The only thoughts springing out of your mind should be ideas that will get you where you want to be. You have a dream to achieve, a goal to acquire and a need of changing something in your life. This should be your only sole focus, nothing else.

Remember we do not have time to waste. Life is not a joke anymore. We have to stop wasting our valuable potential energy only in thoughts that will help us grow.

Distinguish Your Self From The Rest

We are different.

You are different. Your thoughts should be too. Only those that accomplish goals in life are those who dare to be different from the rest. They are the one's where fear does not exist in their thoughts because they think different. Their mind has transformed itself differently. Mutated perhaps.

The only way you'll get there is by feeding thoughts, ideas and images that will help you build a big archive of only self-growth ideas.

Ask yourself "What thoughts do you need to help you grow?"

It's one thing. Do not tolerate any longer mediocrity. This is a thought you have to believe and carve in your mind.

What is what thing you have in common with successful people? It's the ability of believing that we deserve better than mediocrity.

Let me explain, you have to train your mind that most successful people out there are enjoying themselves because they have tolerated little, unhappy with some part of their life and decided to do something about it. They decided no longer to tolerate their low paying job because they know it will get them nowhere, they move away from toxic relationships, change their beat-down jalopy. They change themselves.

They changed it. They are the type of people whom don't tolerate mediocrity anymore. This has to be you too.

The reason you're angry at life is not external. This anger is against you for not taking the initiative to do anything about it. You have to be willing to do something some thing, fight for it; do what you must. I mean anything! Do at least some thing even if you look like a fool.

What will motivate you to take action is believing that you are put in this earth to live life at it's fullest.

You must have the thought that you love life.

Things will change.

Motivate yourself to pursue your dreams, your goals, appreciate the opportunities that life is giving you to change. Change will be given to those who decide to love life.

This is you.

When your mind is with different thoughts you will no longer settle for mediocrity. You decided to be different. Do not get comfortable with a poor unbearable life. Change now.

Start today.

When you finally had enough that is when you will change. This is when you will open your eyes, see how much you deserve to live and more. It's the turning point in your life when you realize that you are different, want more out of life and it's time to live that life you deserve. It starts by being a new you; a new beginning.

To finish this off you have to create thoughts and believe in them. You deserve them. Believe in them. You are worth more than you believe. Change your thoughts now and you'll thank yourself later.

Give yourself thoughts and things that will make you happy.

Say to yourself, "I need to give myself those thoughts to make me happy".