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The Effects of Negative Thinking

How many negative thoughts do you think you have in a day? It is estimated that most people think about 50,000 negative thoughts each day. This works out to about 80% of our total thoughts, so we don't really leave much room for positive thinking.

These negative thoughts can have a huge effect on how we life our lives. The way we think guides us towards failure or success, happiness or unhappiness and gives us the ability to make good or bad decisions. If we see life from a negative perspective, we are likely to struggle and never expect anything good to happen to us.

When we have negative thoughts, we have a choice as to what we can do. We can:

dwell on them and allow them to make us miserable
ignore them and hope they won't come back again
change them into positive thoughts and create a new habit of positive thinking
Practise focusing on your thoughts. Be consciously aware of what you are thinking and challenge any negative thoughts. Don't allow yourself to be held captive by your thinking. Take control and change anything negative into something positive. All it takes is practice until it becomes a habit, a good one.

Do you think that something bad is going to happen to you? If you focus on this thought, something bad might just happen to you, especially since you are expecting it. Try thinking about some good things that could happen and you might just get a surprise.

When you look for the negatives in life, you will always find them. This world is full of negativity. However, the same thing happens when you look for the positives in life. You usually find what you are looking for. So focus on the positives in your life and start enjoying your life.