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Life Lessons - The Secret of Positive Perception

For many years I went through tough times and I became driven to find out why these things were happening to me. This became one of my life's greatest challenges. I was so stuck in a victim mindset of why me, that I almost missed out on life's greatest lessons and tests that were being presented before me. Little did I know, that I was in preparation for my advancement. At that time it felt like I was living in hell. The perception I had of my experience then was not great, I was more focused in the negative, full of fear and looking for someone or something to blame and take responsibility.

Then one day I discovered that I was not the only one going through tough times, there were many others going through tough experiences too. Even though their experiences were a bit different to mine, they were still being challenged to the core, so this gave me comfort knowing that the tough journey was not just for me. Due to this understanding I began to give myself permission to come out of the victim mindset that had me in a mental prison for many years. You see all of us have to go through some tough times at different periods of our lives and nobody really knows why we need to have these experiences. This then causes us to ask ourselves what we can do about it? Most people get stuck here, because of this question. You tell yourself that you don't know what to do which basically is a recipe for mental bondage that then leads to the victim mindset.

What you choose to do here will define the path that you will follow. Lets take an example. Have you ever felt like you were a victim of any circumstance? What follows that mindset is a spiralling down into negative emotions you will start to feel helpless, hopelessness and pretty quickly you are down in the dumps? This is very common to most of us, we have areas were we are adamant that it's beyond our understanding, so it's easier for us to make the assumption that it's somebody's fault, so when you start to think like this it makes you lose your power over what's happening. Once you get in that state of mind or belief it's very hard to come out of it, you will need something much more powerful than that state of mind for you to be free.

At this point many are asleep, so they need to wake up from their slumber. When you wake up something changes, you become aware of how you have been playing small and have become a victim. Once you are aware of this you open a door for your perception to change. The journey of being positive starts here and this experience is what I call a shift into a new way of thinking. This transitioning time of transformation is usually slow but well worth the wait.

We all know that transitioning is usually a challenging time as you are working on letting go of the old so that the new can set in. Most of us find change very difficult to deal with as by nature we often fight against any change, because we prefer to sit and dwell in the things that we are familiar with which is otherwise called the comfort zone. In the comfort zone most of us dwell there for very long periods, what we don't realise is that change is going to happen anyway whether we accept it or fight it. So it is usually good to go with the flow instead of resisting and fighting. For you to accept the change and be in flow with it you need to have a positive perception of the circumstances that you are going through.

The most challenging question that many people ask is how to stay positive? Generally we are creatures of habit we find just changing one thing out of our usual pattern rather painful but it is consistence, endurance, persistence, perseverance and patience that usually brings the greatest results.