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My Greatest Reality

Sure, I become what I constantly pray about, but Earl Nightingale paved the way with "we become what we think about". That is a point of this article, and the overall theme of this article. Reality is what we make it, sure. But constant and consistent thought and prayer make it what we want it to be. Sure, action has a lot to do with it, but, the overall thought and prayer behind the action is what makes it all. That is the big "rub" in it all. Without thought and prayer that is positive and life affirming, we cannot do anything worthwhile.

What do I mean by the above? Here is what I mean: The laws of life are gravity, cause and effect and all of that. What we put in with our genuine energies overall is what we get. If we put in good, we get good. If we give, and work in good ways, we ultimately get that. If we put in sneaky behavior and greed, we get that. If we put in bad, we especially get that. Ultimately, life reflects us all and life is genuinely fair. Without that sense of fairness however, like the laws of gravity, cause, effect and reality, life will not ultimately or obviously work for us as conscious beings.

So, what do I mean by the above? I will use Earl Nightingale terms to explain it. Say we have two plants, and plant them in the ground. One a seed of corn which is food and the other a seed of nightshade or belladonna which is poison. We plant them in the ground like we plant our thoughts and actions in reality. Like the plants, the thoughts and actions grow into realities. What should we expect? We should expect reality to ultimately grow what we plant either in thought or in the ground. That is what I mean by cause, effect, gravity and reality working in fair ways. We get back ultimately what we put in.

So, that brings me to the point of affirmative positive prayer power. What do we get when we pray in a good way and back it up with beneficial actions? If you answered that question like I thought you answered it, that is exactly right. We get benefits and good.

On the other hand what if we plant negative curses, destructive revenge and doubt. Then we get that.

So, I end this way, what we plant in thought or in deed, is what we all get.