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Control Manifesting By Controlling Your Feelings: Using the Law of Attraction

We use the law of attraction to achieve our dreams. This law states that we attract into our life whatever corresponds with our vibrations. Our vibrations are set by our feelings. Therefore, you will control your manifesting, by controlling your feelings.

Perhaps the most important lesson we have learned over these years since 2006 when we began this study, is that your emotions are your prayer, your power, and your lifeline. Keep them positive. Emotions are energy generated by feelings. We have a feeling of love or satisfaction and we generate emotions. We have a feeling of sadness or loss or envy, and we generate emotions. Emotions are "energy in motion" as defined by Anthony Robbins. They are neither good nor bad, but they are set by our feelings. This energy impacts, for better or worse, the divine matrix surrounding us. It is in the divine matrix that we manifest. To manifest good, or abundance, we must generate positive energy, or positive emotions. We control our manifesting by controlling our feelings.

Philosophers, self-help gurus, and coaches have been explaining the power of positive thinking since the early 1900's, particularly as it impacts our health and our "luck" or success. More recently psychologists have discovered that this is because our thinking generates feelings, which bring about behavior. In between feelings and behavior is the divine matrix which changes reality.

To explain let's look at an example. Let's say, you have the intention of increasing your income. You believe that you can increase your income. This excitement and enthusiasm generates a raised vibrational intensity and increases your emotional energy. This affects the divine matrix surrounding you, which begins to change reality. As you tune in to intuitive nudges, changing your behavior, you will find yourself on the road to a higher income. The original idea/belief, brings about feelings which then bring about behavior change.

The inspired behavior is not always directly related to "making more money." You might be inspired to spend time in places that make you feel great such as the ocean or the mountains, or any beautiful spot. This will help by increasing your vibrational rate, which improves your mood. Control your manifesting by controlling your mood. Little by little, the good mood, and increased vibrations, increases your emotional energy which impacts on the divine matrix, creating miracles that improve your life.

So that's all there is to it. Keep your feelings happy, and your thoughts positive, and your position will improve. Even if you seem to be having a setback, that setback might be necessary to set you in a different direction for your long-term goal. Trust yourself as it was always you that created today. It was you that moved you to where you are today. It will be you that manifests your next place/goal. It will be your good feelings that manifest your next success.