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3 Simple Steps to Manifest Your Ideal Life - Starting Today!

 Are you still waiting for life to get better, or maybe you're wondering when that perfect partner will show up and wondering when any of your dreams are going to come true?

Well, you're not alone. Thousands of people like you are feeling frustrated that the people, places and things they want and desire, still haven't come to fruition.

It can be demoralising, knowing that you've tried everything to change your life for the better, yet it still feels like nothing's happening or happening fast enough!

I'd like to share three simple steps with you that are my secret guide to manifesting quicker than anything else you might have seen or read.

I'm sharing this with you because I understand what you must be feeling as I've been there too. Not so long ago I felt helpless, as if I was destined to live a life where I was controlled by the job I had, the house I lived in and the travel that I only could dream about.

But now, and only a few short years later, I'm able to manifest quicker than ever before. How? You may ask, well, let me share that secret with you now.

The first step is to 'Ask' the Universe for what you want. Yes you read that right. Just ask. Well, it sounds simple, but you see there's a catch and this is what it is. You have to ask while in a state of 'believing'. It sets the whole tone your thought pattern.

If you ask from a place of worry or stress, that will be your dominant thought pattern and not what you're asking for.

Secondly, you need to 'Expect' from the Universe. I know it's difficult because you can sometimes feel consumed with thinking 'how will that come to me?' or even thinking 'that will never happen'. But you have to get your mind and heart into a state of expecting, because the Universe won't believe you want it, if you're not really expecting it.

Lastly, live your hours, days and weeks in a state of feeling Grateful. You need to feel grateful and even say in your mind 'Thank You Universe'. It takes the place of expectancy to a whole higher level.

For when you're feeling grateful, for everything you have now and everything that is coming to you, it's sort of like sending a message to the Universe saying 'c'mon I'm waiting for it' and the Universe has a way of speeding things up.

Last but not least and probably the most important clue, is that you have to be a match to this process. What I mean by that is, that you need to feel it and believe it. If you're trying to believe but doubting, it won't work. You've got to know you're worth what you're asking for. Believe that life can not only get better for you but that you deserve a life of everything you ask, and it will come. But only if you can match yourself to this belief.

Take a moment and think about this... if you knew for certain, that everything you wanted was already on it's way to you today... would you be excited? I believe the answer would be Yes.

Then start feeling excited now, regardless if it's arrival or not, because it's going to come and your matching yourself up to it arriving is what makes this whole Universal process works better and quicker than ever before!!&id=9368829